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Brain cancer not stopping John McCain from tweeting his thoughts, criticizing Trump

Sen. John McCain’s legacy was thrust into focus nearly one year ago when he announced his brain cancer diagnosis. The six-term Senator and decorated… 1,408 more words



Jeff Flake is another of those soon-to-be departing RINOs who just can’t bring himself to put on his big-boy pants and act like a man.  Instead he prefers to have what amounts to little more than a near endless temper tantrum that has now been going on since President Trump was elected.  752 more words


Flake: If GOP can't stand up for free trade 'what are we here for?'

ㅤô¿ô …Flake is truly a moron. Teddie Roosevelt was one of greatest Republican presidents in history, and he was an economic nationalist. Because it was required during his Presidency. 31 more words


From Hero to Traitor, Overnight

Not so long ago, South Carolina’s Rep. Trey Gowdy was a hero to all the right-wing talk radio hosts and their listeners. He had an impeccably conservative voting record, a blunt way of speaking, and best of all he was the guy who spent years leading congressional investigations of President Barack Obama’s and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the deadly fiasco at an American consulate in Benghazi, Libya. 739 more words


Flake doesn't rule out challenging Trump in 2020

ㅤ"Anyone mounting a challenge to Trump in a GOP primary would face significant obstacles. Nonetheless, speculation that Trump will see a challenge from his own party has run rampant, with Ohio Gov. 43 more words


Jeff Flake Needs To Step Down Now

I know that Jeff Flake has announced his retirement from the US Senate. He will be there basically until next January. And Democrats are salivating at the prospect of picking up a red Senate seat in November, though my sources tell me that probably isn’t going to happen.  498 more words

A Sickness of the Spirit

Societally, the country has bottomed out. Societally, the country has been reduced to arguing about stupid stuff:

The chairman of the New York Jets said he will pay the fines for players on his team who protest during the national anthem hours after the NFL announced a new policy penalizing players who do so. 3,391 more words

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