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"Leadership And The Politics Of Fear": Obama Providing Exactly The Kind Of Leadership This Country Needs Right Now

Jeff Greenfield’s article titled: Getting the Politics of Fear Right got me thinking about what leadership means at a time like this. He acknowledges that following the Paris attacks, Donald Trump “went on a fear-mongering bender.” But then he finds President Obama’s response to be problematic as well. 708 more words


What We Lost When Bobby Kennedy Died

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Jeff Greenfield

In honor of RFK’s 90th birthday, Jeff Greenfield, who worked as one of his speechwriters, explains why his legacy still looms so large. 1,083 more words
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Had the democrats had the Republican party rules with winner take all primaries on states such as New York and New Jersey, Hilary Clinton would have almost surely beaten Obama for the nomination.

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Obama Legacy: 'Decimation of the Democratic Party' - Jeff Greenfield, POLITICO

Jeff Greenfield, POLITICO Magazine, writes:

Even as Democrats look favorably ahead to the presidential landscape of 2016, the strength in the Electoral College belies huge losses across much of the country.

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Jeff Greenfield: Could Jeb Bush Pick Fellow Floridian Marco Rubio for VP?

May 2016. In the Tallahassee home office of Jeb Bush. His key campaign advisors and legal counsel gather to mull a momentous decision. Bush has just won enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination; now he must think seriously about a running mate. 753 more words

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