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Is there an effort to undermine the Mueller investigation?

A once-unlikely victory for Alabama Senator-elect Doug Jones dominated headlines during a busy week in politics. The race came as the GOP moves closer to passing the most significant tax bill in decades, and amid a continued probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election. 11 more words


The stakes are too high to tolerate errors such as Brian Ross' whopper about Flynn

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The tribalism that infects our public debate ensures that the monumental error committed last week by ABC News’ Brian Ross will have little effect among those already inclined to reject anything reported by the mainstream media. 1,189 more words


With low approval ratings, Trump continues to pursue agenda

On Friday, hours after President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russia, Senate Republicans passed a bill that could usher in major changes to the U.S. 16 more words


Senator next target, sexual harassment reckoning floodgates

The Harvey Weinstein revelations and accusations seem to have opened the floodgates of accusations of sexual harassment in the US. Kevin Spacey has also been publicly disgraced, Republican candidate for the Senate Roy Moore is under fire and now  a Democratic senator, Al Franken, the latest to be accused publicly. 1,491 more words


'Alt-Right' Is Another Word For Nazi. In Charlottesville, Brown Shirts Showed Their True Colors.

This article was written by Jeff Greenfield, the Emmy Award winner, in Politico 08.13.17.

It’s long past Passover, but the latest effusions from Donald Trump bring to mind the question that begins that ritual: “Why is this president different from all other presidents?” 1,068 more words