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'Alt-Right' Is Another Word For Nazi. In Charlottesville, Brown Shirts Showed Their True Colors.

This article was written by Jeff Greenfield, the Emmy Award winner, in Politico 08.13.17.

It’s long past Passover, but the latest effusions from Donald Trump bring to mind the question that begins that ritual: “Why is this president different from all other presidents?” 1,068 more words

The ‘grownups’ can’t save us from Trump  

Political analyst Jeff Greenfield opines that whether or not we “learn the identity of the ally whose top-secret information the president shared with the Russians,” we nevertheless know for sure that “one of the key reassurances that reluctant Trump supporters” always embraced “now lies in ruins. 427 more words


Expressive individualism: 19th-century abolitionists and 20th-century New Leftists

In 2012, Michael Kazin analyzed Students for a Democratic Society’s Port Huron Statement for its fiftieth anniversary. He made a connection between the radicals of the 1960s and 19th-century abolitionists: 740 more words

America In The Modern World

What Might Have Been

During the second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, journalist Jeff Greenfield tweeted, “All year, I’ve told people who asked about an alternate history for 2016: ‘This IS the alternate history.’” 1,110 more words