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Hall of Fame Value

An easy trap to fall into (I would know) is to lean too heavily on modern advanced metrics when evaluating a player’s worthiness to enter the Hall of Fame. 854 more words


LAD second base has a fine history, Part One

As the 2017 LAD search for their second baseman, I thought it would be a good time to look at the LAD historical second baseman. 693 more words

My Hall of Fame Ballot, Miller

It’s that time of the year again. The BBWAA Hall of Fame ballot is out, and the writers are sharing their annual articles and their annual ballots through the great… 1,489 more words

Barry Bonds

Our Ballot Analysis, Infield

Today we review the infield, everyone from Matt Stairs and Casey Blake to Jeff Bagwell and Edgar Martinez. Given that he was at 71.6% last year and that he’s the best player on the ballot, it seems fairly safe that Bagwell will get in this season. 1,394 more words

Jeff Bagwell

10 For the 2017 Hall of Fame

With the new Hall of Fame ballot out, it’s time to announce to a breathless, adoring audience my 10 picks for the Hall. I always vote for 10 no matter the list (well, I can make exceptions, but not many) because it gives me a chance to acknowledge a personal favorite who I know doesn’t seriously belong in Cooperstown (unless he pays for a ticket) but who deserves at least a mention as a stalwart. 641 more words


Purging the ghosts of Dodger postseasons past

By Jon Weisman

This is exorcism time.

Though it has been nearly 28 years since the Dodgers last reached the World Series, they have come tantalizingly close — closer than you might realize. 879 more words


10 Years a Good Dre...Jeff Kent...Flashback Friday

Jeff Kent, Camera Day, June 2006

In his 17 year career, 10 of those years we’re spent in both the Halloween colors and the Dodger Blue, the latter 4 years in Blue. 447 more words