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Aiken’s injury doesn’t validate the Astros

While there are factions using the news of the apparent injury to unsigned former Houston Astros first round, first overall draft pick Brady Aiken to validate general manager Jeff Luhnow’s plan, the truth is that this neither reflects on Aiken, nor does it justify the Astros’ brutal attempt to reduce the bonus Aiken was offered after an issue was seen on Aiken’s elbow in his post-draft medical examination. 1,379 more words

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Theories on Tony LaRussa’s sabermetrics rattling

It’s been impossible to find an actual transcript about what Tony LaRussa said as a guest at the 2015 SABR Analytics Conference. Given what was tweeted and mentioned on other social media forums, it’s clear that LaRussa in his position as Chief Baseball Officer for the Arizona Diamondbacks, hasn’t altered his stance on certain aspects of sabermetrics. 1,604 more words

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Ryan Vogelsong’s experience with the Astros has a familiar ring

Even though Brady Aiken and Ryan Vogelsong are at radically different stages of their careers, there’s a damning similarity to their dealings with the Houston Astros. 1,361 more words

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2015 Season Previews: Houston Astros

Over the next several weeks, The Baseball Haven will be creating season previews for all 30 MLB teams. You’ll find their projected records (based on PECOTA records from… 935 more words
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Three Baseball Thoughts: Friday

Pitchers and catchers reported. The fact the previous sentence uses the past tense means a swath of possibilities as baseball begins in earnest this month. Spring training isn’t interesting in and of itself. 379 more words

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Luhnow: Why Argue About Analytics?

(CBS HOUSTON) – Jeff Luhnow’s known for his use of analytics in the reconstruction of the Astros.

To Luhnow, it’s funny how the subject of analytics has created a national firestorm of a debate, especially recently with comments made by, most notably, Charles Barkley. 208 more words


Correa Expected To Begin 2015 In Double-A

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Carlos Correa may have had an injury derail a promising 2014 season, but his 2015 looks to pick up at a higher level than where he left off. 212 more words