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Jeff Mills - Exhibitionist 2 (Part 1) [AX067]

The first installment of 12″ EP from “Exhibitionist 2″ DVD+CD due out in September 2015. In Jeff’s words: “Expanding the art forms in Dance Music has always been an agenda that needs constant monitoring because it has the ability to evolve and develop each and every idea. 54 more words


Jeff Mills & Mikhail Rudy - When Time Splits [AXCD047]

Jeff Mills has always tried to do things differently, but few could have foreseen his collaboration with classical pianist Mikhail Rudy. Back in February, the two men joined forces to write, and subsequently perform, a soundtrack for Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished 1964 film L’Enfer. 58 more words


Friday Night Tune: Jeff Mills AKA The Wizard on WLBJ Radio

Ok, so it’s not a tune. Well, it’s not one tune.

I’ve think I’ve said it before but DJ mixes are now reaching a level of ubiquity that makes oxygen look rare. 537 more words


Jeff Mills - Woman In The Moon [AXCD046]

Woman In The Moon is a science fiction silent film that premiered on 15 October 1929. It is often considered to be one of the first ‘serious’ science fiction films, written and directed by Fritz Lang, who is the one of the biggest names in German expressionist cinema, the creator of Metropolis (1927). 48 more words


Review: Head Front Panel - HFP #9 (Head Front Panel)

This ninth release of otherwise anonymous 12″s on Tabernacle offshoot Head Front Panel brings both an apparent end to the run and the news that Phantom Planet Outlaws member John Heckle is the producer responsible. 538 more words


Underground Resistance - Jupiter Jazz

Underground Resistance, musical collective from Detroit,  released this track “Jupiter Jazz” back in 92′ as part of the  World 2 World’s EP.

We liked its new genres approach..  72 more words