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UFC hire Jeff Novitzky to be the VP of Athlete Health & Performance

In a further commitment to the health and safety of its athletes, UFC® announced today the hiring of Jeff Novitzky as Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance. 386 more words


Barry Bonds' lawyers argue his obstruction of justice conviction today

Barry Bonds lawyers will head into court today to argue his appeal of his obstruction of justice conviction today. There will be no decision today because that’s not how appellate courts roll, but when you read the Bonds headlines later, that’s what it’s about. 553 more words

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scales of justice 2GFBB Note: Craig Calcaterra who penned this post is a lawyer and has some really interesting comments on this case. Example: ".....the fact is, Bonds was asked a yes or no question and he answered “no.   And " It is not the job of the criminal justice system to punish an evasive or non-responsive witness".  If you've been following this case you'll like this article.

Dodging the government's place in anti-doping

Is there one prominent sportswriter who’ll question the wisdom of federal investigations into steroids in sports?

On Sports on Earth today Gwen Knapp delved into how a California U.S. 557 more words


Clemens, Armstrong, And The Complexity Of Reality

Because we like to think that everything important is happening right now, we convince ourselves that the era of performance enhancing drugs impacting sports is entirely recent, is right now. 1,296 more words



Nationale Anti-Doping Agentur, Germany’s national agency for combating illegal substances in sport. A recent Spiegel-Online editorial felt NADA could learn from the excellent recent work of its U.S. 110 more words

Melky's Miserable Mess

At first, the most depressing aspect of the news that San Francisco Giants left fielder Melky Cabrera had been suspended 50 games for testing positive for a banned substance was the degree to which it failed to shock. 1,105 more words