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The best book I've read in years finally comes out (and it was dedicated to me!) Lady Gaga and James Corden do a great "Carpool Karoake." And a 5-year-old soccer fan does something adorable.

In September of 1993, a scrawny, glasses-wearing, jean-jacket sporting freshman at the University of Delaware (OK it was me) walked up to the student newspaper office, The Review, and said he wanted to write. 831 more words

JUST MUSING: “Ali, Bomaye!” …

Recently I read a story where Barry Bonds commented on his relationship with the press during his heyday.  Bonds was a baseball prodigy, born into baseball royalty, the son of Bobby Bonds, the godson of Hall of Famer, … 1,891 more words

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Jeff Pearlman, Shut the Fuck Up

Jeff Pearlman,

I love you. If you ever read this, never doubt that.

But I had to delete you off Facebook. Crying about Donald Trump with every post, or every other post, got on my ever loving nerves, my friend. 212 more words


A Prominent Sportswriter Said Fox News Hosts Dress Like 'Hookers,' And Twitter Let Him Have It

Jeff Pearlman is the author of a few great sports books, and generally well-liked in sports media. But on Tuesday, he proved that no matter who you are, it’s never a good idea as a man to tell women how to dress. 593 more words