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SIGIHT (Song I'm Glad I Heard Today): Boz Scaggs "Near You"

Namedrop Boz Scaggs and most immediately think of one, maybe two songs; the songs that radio have kept alive for nearly forty years, namely “Lowdown” and “Lido Shuffle.” Both are examples of Seventies pop perfection, aided by the impeccable session playing of the future members of Toto (especially drummer Jeff Porcaro). 308 more words

171. Orphan (2015)

Artist: Toto Kompositörer: Toto

Utgivningsår: 2015 Album: Toto XIV


Ungefär samtidigt som jag upptäcker den här låten nås jag av nyheten att… 493 more words


Addio a Mike Porcaro, bassista dei TOTO

E il mondo dice addio anche a Mike Porcaro, storico bassista dei Toto 263 more words

On March 15, 2015.

Michael Joseph Porcaro died today aged 60. He was bass player best known for his work with Toto. He is the middle brother of Toto members Jeff Porcaro and Steve Porcaro and  son of the jazz drummer and percussionist Joe Porcaro.

Stranger in Town - Toto

Chart Position: 30

  • Lead vocals: David Paich
  • Written by David Paich and Jeff Porcaro
  • Guitar: Steve Lukather
  • Backing vocals: Bobby Kimball
  • Keyboards: David Paich, Mike Cotton and Steve Porcaro…
  • 19 more words
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Song No #1 - I Wish I Were Blind - Bruce Springsteen

The song that came on my Ipod today that I want to mention is I Wish I Were Blind. I Wish I Were Blind is a song written by Bruce Springsteen for his 1992 album Human Touch, which in my opinion is probably the most hideous album in his catalog. 307 more words

Jeff Porcaro - I Keep Forgetting Groove

This next one is dedicated to my brother in drums, Syke.

Till now when I thought of Jeff Porcaro my mind automaticaly went to the 80’s and their cheesy drum sound. 251 more words