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Spotlight on a Spook

The Ghostess & MISTER Muir

By J.L. Salter

Imagine being a beautiful ghostess – around 19 years old when you died tragically … 100 years ago. 447 more words


Origins of MacTunaPea

The Origins (and Recipe) of MacTunaPea
OR… as some people call it, TunaMacPea

by Jeff Salter

I should probably explain that I’m not handy in the kitchen and I’m loathe to prepare dishes with multiple, complicated steps. 430 more words

Tossing the Apology Flag

When in Doubt, Toss the ‘Apology Flag’

By Jeff Salter

It’s been a while since I discussed / clarified a particular image I used in my second published novel, … 1,640 more words

Sounds Foreign to My Ear

Phoreign Phrases

By Jeff Salter

We’re studying foreign phrases this week and after Janette’s list on Tuesday, I didn’t think I had anything to add. 639 more words

Phrases or Words That Vex Me

Pet Peeve Words and Phrases

By Jeff Salter

This week, we’re confessing those words or phrases which irritate our ears. Mine actually fit into two categories. 667 more words

Stories I Was Told as a Child

By Jeff Salter

Gosh, I’m sure I was told MANY stories as a child, but when I thought about this topic, these two jumped right to the forefront. 759 more words

TV Stars I'd Like To Meet

… Though some of them have already passed away

By Jeff Salter

This week we’re discussing favorite TV actors and/or actresses we really wish we could meet.   431 more words