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Walker Percy's Thanatos Syndrome

Percy’s Look at a Dystopian Society

By Jeff Salter

I can’t claim that Walker Percy ever used the term “dystopian” to describe this novel or its prequel, but this pair of novels is what I thought of when we received this week’s assignment about dystopian worlds. 1,686 more words

Serendipity Took Me There

I Started the Bear Book Only Because I’d Forgotten to Bring Anything to Read

By Jeff Salter

This week, we’re blogging about unusual ways we found books or authors and I have a great example of each. 1,220 more words

Lost in Space

The Extent of My Extra-Terrestrial Travel

By Jeff Salter

This week we’re asked whether we’d travel in space (assuming we could safely return). The question focused on… 394 more words

My Dream House

If Money Was No Object

By Jeff Salter

Gosh, I’ve never done ANYthing where money was no object. Let me see.

The complex would be set away from the nearest road, but still visible from that surface. 1,113 more words

Guest Fox, Nicole Zoltack

My Guest Lives in Two Different Ages

By Jeff Salter

This is my 350th post here at 4F1H and I’m delighted to use it to feature my Guest Fox, … 575 more words

Too Soon Departed

Individuals Who Died Too Young

By Jeff Salter

An unusual topic this week… and rather sad. We’re contemplating individuals who left us too soon. As I reflected on this, I realized I was thinking about three very different groups of people. 615 more words

First Publications, Looking Forward

Our very first publications and/or bylines, how did they feel?

With the first ones in school, I felt embarrassed.

I had very little self-esteem and I had critical people around me, so I never felt anything was good enough when I was in lower grades. 658 more words