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Stuck in a minivan, and I’m not allowed to drive

By Jeff Salter

First of all, I can’t believe this was my topic. What was I thinking? 590 more words

Wanna Cure That Man-Cold?

Use Christine’s “Scare Cure”

By Jeff Salter

I can’t remember the last time I shared a short excerpt excerpt from my screwball comedy, “Curing the Uncommon Man-Cold… 742 more words

Does Size Really Matter?

Size DOES matter… when you’re only a foot tall.

By Jeff Salter

It’s a free week at 4F1H… just in time to share with y’all my newest novel, … 228 more words

Post 300: Back in the Bowl

Or… How I Remembered My Most Memorable Dish

By Jeff Salter

Let’s get this 300 thing out of the way before I delve into this week’s topic, “memorable dishes”. 547 more words

You Wore What?

Well, They Looked Good on Errol Flynn

By Jeff Salter

We’re talking about wardrobe malfunctions this week… and I’ve previously posted one of the more embarrassing ones I’ve ever been connected with. 685 more words

Lights, Camera, ACTION

When My Novels Finally Hit Hollywood

By Jeff Salter

No, it has not happened yet. But I’ve had several people tell me “ABCD novel would make a great movie.” I totally agree. 682 more words

Oh Car, Wherefore Art Thou?

My tragic affair with a 1957 Metropolitan

By Jeff Salter

Our topic this week is about uncooperative machines, appliances, or vehicles. I’ve had ‘em all, I guess, but perhaps the most uncooperative – yet it still has a warm place in my heart – is the… 1,262 more words