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The Right Stuff of Emptiness

How ∅ versus {ε} can be a life-and-death difference

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Jeff Skiles was the co-pilot on US Airways Flight 1549 from New York’s LaGuardia Airport headed for Charlotte on January 15, 2009. 1,747 more words


Captain 'Sully' Flies Plane Out Of S. Fla. For Charity

OPA-LOCKA (CBS4)-  The pilot who landed a US Airways flight safely into the Hudson River nearly three years ago flew an airplane out of South Florida Friday morning , and it was all for a good cause. 414 more words


Total Information PM - Wednesday, March 16th

Meet the Cardinals
KMOX Sports Director Tom Ackerman gives us some very good news from Florida after today’s victory against the Detroit Tigers.

Good Controversy for College Sports? 81 more words

Heard On

Or, In English


broadcast: Monday, February 9, 2009

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#5: The Seven Minutes

No more President in the headlights news conferences for America as Obama’s first presser proves a chief executive can respond intelligently, elaborate on several points simultaneously and pronounce English flawlessly…or, at least, better than KO seemed to do this evening. 641 more words

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