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Three must-see films you should watch on Netflix

A bit melodramatic at first but if you persevere through the first ten minutes you will not regret it. This movie has a great pace and I had quite a few laugh out louds from great one liners. 185 more words


Episode 6: My Second Home.

I haven’t been posting blogs for a while and it wasn’t because I was lazy, but cause I recently went on a volunteer trip with my church to serve the First Nations. 571 more words

Season 1- 2014/2015

Film & TV Weekly Round-Up (September)

What can I say? Real life suddenly got in the way for a month or so and everything slid down the list of priorities. I’ve barely even had time to watch some films in the past week or two. 1,480 more words

Film & TV Weekly Round-Up

Review of 'The One I Love' (2014)

by Brandon James Anderson

If the word mumblecore means absolutely nothing to you, that’s fine. It was only months ago that I had ever encountered the phrase in writing and I’ve yet to hear the word spoken by anyone other than myself. 444 more words

Brandon James Anderson

What I Watched Last Week: 21/07/14 - Six films. And Sharknado.

What have I done since the last WIWLW post? Apart from watching films and reading the books A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick and Cash: The Autobiography of Johnny Cash by Johnny Cash, not much. 1,706 more words


From the movie: Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Glasses of Water

I was going to write a quick review about Jeff, Who Lives at Home, but I decided that trying to explain the simply convoluted story about a man who’s having a existentialistic crisis at 30 and trying to make other people see how his view of the universal connectivity is incredibly relevant to their shitty jobs and messy relationships is way bigger of a challenge than I really wanna take on at 2:17 a.m. 52 more words