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“Every time I hear “White Rabbit,” I am back on the greasy midnight streets of San Francisco, looking for music, riding a fast red motorcycle downhill into the Presidio, leaning desperately into the curves through the eucalyptus trees, trying to get to the Matrix in time to hear Grace Slick play the flute”  -Hunter S. 1,532 more words


Rediscovering Songs With Children: The Case Of White Rabbit

We like some songs more than others; we play them more often than we do others, wearing out vinyl, styluses, and cassette tapes till we hit the digital. 643 more words


Hash Faves: "Volunteers"

This week’s pick is hippie rock – Jefferson Airplane’s “Volunteers”. It’s from their 1969 album of the same name, and features what I (and I’d wager most people) think of as the “classic” lineup: … 681 more words

Steve Hashimoto

NOT: Rolling Stones Hire the Hells Angels

Punk: Holding a free concert for 300,000 people when you’re the biggest band in the world. Not: Having the stupid idea of hiring the Hells Angels to do security. 313 more words