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Discovery of the Day (11/14)

I’m not really sure what to say about this track from London band, Saltwater Sun. “Wild” is a somewhat modern take on the Jefferson Airplane-era 60’s psych sound. 29 more words


Creepy Love #2, "So fine": Jefferson Airplane, "Watch Her Ride" (1967)

I knew with my last post I’d taken at least one too many swipes at love in song, and it was past time to go positive on this topic. 763 more words

Rock Aesthetics

Happy birthday, Grace Slick (singer of Jefferson Airplane/Starship)

Happy birthday to one of the greatest female voices in rock. I’m a pretty huge fan of Jefferson Airplane and I’ve read Grace’s book, “Somebody to Love” and that’s a pretty good book too.



My books' tracklists - #6: My Name is Not Alice

I’ve been wanting to announce the paperback for weeks now, but, alas, the proof copy is arriving at an even snailier (is that even a word?) pace than usual. 481 more words

Shameless Self-Promotion

Up Against The Wall, Muckerfuthers!

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Online feedback from people who share my passion for music has got me thinking. 598 more words