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Lost States: How and Why We Remember

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In my last post I discussed the proposed states that never quite came to be, including Jefferson, Ontonagon, Forgottonia, Deseret, and Hazard. 650 more words

Power And Politics

The Lost States of American History

One Thursday in 1941, a group of men from Yreka, California formed a militia. Brandishing hunting rifles for dramatic effect, they began to stop passing traffic… 754 more words

Power And Politics



When citizens say they “love” their country they do not mean love in the sense of adoration; they rather mean that they have great respect and affection for what their country stands for, how it is organized to treat its people and others, its norms of political and economic conduct toward each and all of its people etc., all of which when compounded translates into a steadfast and resolute desire to defend one’s country from those who would destroy such norms and conduct “from all enemies, foreign or domestic.” This, loosely and perhaps incompletely stated, can be called “patriotism.” 542 more words

What Is "Western Culture", Really?

A boy on the cusp of manhood sat on a broad seat of polished marble among soft pillows befit a prince, his eyes rapt on the bearded man standing before him, a teacher in his middle years, with strands of gray weaving their way into his dark hair and beard. 802 more words


Patriot's Lament: The State will gladly protect you from Freedom of Conscience.

So what is the State to do? What States always do. Make the people fear their Liberty more than Itself.


…Today, we have access to information that only 20 years ago was other-worldly. 328 more words

Bail Bonds Jefferson County, AL - Rush Bail Bonds Birmingham

Rush Bail Bonds is located throughout the region to better serve you and help you get out of jail and on with life. There’s never a good time or place to be arrested. 55 more words

Hating Is Belonging: The Ex-White Supremacist

Jhumpa Lahiri: The essential dilemma of my life is between my deep desire to belong and my suspicion of belonging.

This is the third chapter in The OPPOSITE of HATE: A Field Guide to Repairing our Humanity by Sally Kohn. 1,147 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data