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The Iditarod - The Ghost, the Elf, the Cat and the Angel

Of course, when I say classics, I mean my kind of classics.


Power and Strength in Men's Personal Care Brands: A Study of Advertisements by Old Spice, Axe, and Dove Men+Care

Human skin creates an illusion, hiding one’s insides with an outer layer that makes up one’s physical appearance. William Ian Miller calls human skin, “the barrier between the soul and the world.” Since the skin is what the world sees of the self, its qualities are often conflated with moral depth and personal traits, imbuing the skin with substantial symbolism. 3,851 more words


Materiality and Discursive Depths in Iconic Branding - Coca-Cola Case Study

When one thinks of branding agencies, images of creative, visionary, and competitive ad men like Donald Draper from TV’s Mad Men come to mind.  Branding seems to be an unscientific discipline in which brand managers like Draper are struck with inspiration and weave together a magic story, logo, and slogan that creates a mystical allure and entices the public into buying a product. 2,329 more words