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A Short List of Miami Art Week Events

Miami Art Week gets a bad rap for being a nonstop rager, what with the Cristal, the caviar and the unicorn rides (trust me, Peter Brant can make that happen). 954 more words

Strange Bronx Bedfellows: Artist Lucien Smith and a Real Estate Scheme

Twenty-seven-year-old artist Lucien Smith’s latest work was on view Thursday night at “Macabre Suite,” an open house-cum-art show-cum-concert in the South Bronx’s newly monikered (or so developers hope) “Piano District.” It was co-hosted by art dealer Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, real estate developer Keith Rubenstein, and an all-star crew of art lovers and investors too long to list. 642 more words

The Wolves of Grand Street: Who Knew the Boys of 'Wolfpack' Were Also Artists?

It was Halloween, by way of art dealer Jeffrey Deitch – hand-shredded costumes and handcrafted movie ephemera, created by a family team that couldn’t be more brandable. 1,001 more words

Homeland Graffiti Reads 'Homeland Is Racist,' Gagosian & Deitch's Unrealism, and More

Graffiti on Homeland set reads “Homeland is racist.” Whoops. Guess someone who reads Arabic should have been on hand.

Speaking of sets, “Empire” is essentially a tour… 90 more words

Deitch Projects Presents the Uncensored Story of LA Artist/Occultist Marjorie Cameron

On Thursday night, a remembrance of sorts was held inside 76 Grand Street, the legendary former outpost, now reclaimed, of art dealer Jeffrey Deitch.

Close friends of occultist, artist and iconic Los Angeles figure Marjorie Cameron gathered to share memories of the “Scarlet Woman” who starred in Kenneth Anger films and was married to rocket scientist Jack Parsons, amid a small but historic first East Coast survey of her artwork. 922 more words


Photo © Bob Gruen. Debbie Harry, Blondie, Max’s Kansas City, NYC 1976.

On a sweltering July afternoon in downtown Manhattan, fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger and curator/art dealer Jeffrey Deitch sat together in Deitch’s calm, bright SoHo office. 629 more words