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How NASA Finds 'Super Earths' Where Alien Life Might Flourish

Since 2009 NASA’s Kepler Mission has been exploring the Milky Way using an extraordinary powerful space telescope. Their mission is to discover “exoplanets” or Earth-like planets that could, in theory, be habitable for human life. 78 more words

Watch TIME's Jeff Kluger Talk About the History and Impact of SpaceX

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launch early Saturday was a success, despite the failed soft landing attempt of the rocket booster at sea.

See TIME’s senior science writer and editor at large, Jeff Kluger, explain the history and importance of SpaceX.


Jeffrey Kluger

Senior Editor, TIME Magazine

Originally published on TIME Magazine on Sunday, Nov. 06, 2005.

You don’t get as successful as Gregg and Drew Shipp by accident. 3,646 more words

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Time's Jeffrey Kluger on one man's upcoming year in space

Time Cover Story Writer and Senior Writer Jeffrey Kluger joins Matt ┬áto talk about Scott Kelly’s upcoming year-long trip to space, how his absence may affect his relationships and what changes he may face upon his return to Earth. 13 more words

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