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Trump surrogate calls Speaker Ryan racist

A Donald Trump surrogate on Tuesday called Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) a racist, after the Speaker called the presumptive nominee’s comments about a federal judge’s ethnicity racist. 118 more words



The headline was stark:

John Kerry: Republican Primary Race Is ‘An Embarrassment’

“They don’t know where it’s taking the United States of America.”

The HuffPo…

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Group demands CNN fire Trump-friendly analysts

20,000 emails have reportedly been sent to CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker and Executive Vice President for Talent Amy Entails, demanding that the network fire Donald Trump supporter/CNN analyst Jeffrey Lord and quit giving Trump supporter Andy Dean airtime. 106 more words


How The Right Gets The Left Wrong

John Hinderaker and Jeffrey Lord, two men who can best be remembered from me mentioning their names at the start of this blog post without the word ‘miscreant’ attached to either of them, are at it again. 1,732 more words


Richard Blade #2: The Jade Warrior

Ahh, number two. Somehow, always more satisfying than #1.

The next volume in our action-packed, erotically-charged, and highly-pulperiffic Richard Blade series is “The Jade Warrior,” by Jeffrey Lord. 5,658 more words

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Richard Blade #1: The Bronze Axe

It’s called “The Bronze Axe” by Jeffrey Lord, and there’s a dude on the cover with an axe, it is probably bronze, there is a chick behind him who may or may not be wearing underwear… we’re off to a good start here. 3,626 more words

Jeffrey Lord

Welcome to Dimension X

In 1969, the first book in the “Richard Blade” series, “The Bronze Axe,” by Jeffrey Lord. That is also the year the second book came out. 332 more words

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