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The Time Has Come For A TV Series Starring Jeffrey Tambor As The Pope

The year is 2017 and popes are hot hot hot. Look around. You’ve got HBO’s big fancy series The Young Pope, which just ended its first season after setting the internet on fire and introducing us to a disobedient kangaroo who roamed the Vatican gardens. 837 more words


The Right Hand of Doom

Comic book movies have been around forever, but until Marvel’s Iron Man in 2008 reset the bar for superhero comic books movies across the board, they always felt like strange, one-off things. 869 more words

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jeffrey tambor, super bowl 51, super bowl commercial 2017 Gif for Fun at your Time


WATCH: Tide Super Bowl Commercial 2017 With Jeffrey Tambor &Rob Gronkowski

As over 100 million viewers settle in for Sunday’s game, they may be excited to learn that Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor is starring alongside Patriot’s tight end Rob Grankowski in Tide’s Super Bowl commercial. 203 more words


Gronk & Jeffrey Tambor Save Terry Bradshaw From A Stain In Tide’s Super Bowl Ad

Rob Gronkowski and Jeffrey Tambor to the rescue! Terry Bradshaw was the laughing stock of the NFL when he got a stain on his shirt at the Super Bowl, but luckily the guys know just how to handle it. 337 more words

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My Problems With: The Accountant and Making a Marvel

(Originally published 4 December 2016)

(SPOILER WARNING!!!!!! Later on down the article, I will be discussing The Accountant as a whole, and will therefore spoil the entire goddamn movie. 2,446 more words


TV Review: The Larry Sanders Show

The Larry Sanders Show is a show that I heard buzz about for years and years but never took the opportunity to watch. I heard all about its legacy as one of the most influential and funny shows in TV history, about its importance in the story of HBO’s development into the premiere network for original scripted TV programming, but it took last year’s death of Garry Shandling to finally push me into watching the show. 767 more words

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