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Sous Vide Pork Chops

The recipe said that this would work out if the chop was cooked at 130° for really pink, and 1-4 hours would do – I set the temp at 135° and left it in all day.  52 more words


Penne Bolognese

I’ve never made this before so I gave it a shot.  I used the Epicurious recipe with modifications – bacon, plus Italian sausage with hamburger instead of ground pork and veal. 26 more words



We put the finishing touches to the blueberry garden – drilled the ties with an auger bit and pinned them in place with rebar driven through the holes and into the ground. 172 more words


Seen on the Internets

Happy Father's Day! (photo by Terry Crayne; https://t.co/zJd6vjiuK3) pic.twitter.com/zQxFLjhWmx

— BirdWatchingMagazine (@BirdWatchDaily) June 17, 2018