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Lights, camera, now you’re on

© Picture: Frantisek_Krejci@Pixabay

Written by: Jehan Daal

She pulls her necklace tighter around her neck as the seconds are passing by.

This articulate young lady is talking, but for the first time in her life she has no idea what she is saying. 261 more words

Jehan Daal

On a leash

Geschreven door: Jehan Daal

Het was 15 maart, de dag waarop mijn niet langer zo kleine nichtje een jaar ouder mocht worden. Die dag zat ik in Gouda op het eerste aangepaste verjaardagsfeest van mijn schoonzus en andere nicht. 300 more words

Jehan Daal

Vrijdag gedachte

© Picture: Clker-Free-Vector-Image at pixabay.

Geschreven door: Jehan Daal

Friday thought

Written by Jehan Daal
Recently I read a pretty intens thriller. There was a serial killer who killed women in his man cave, while his wife was convinced that the tools were only used for the art of furniture making. 67 more words

Jehan Daal