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Gospel Movie "Honor and Dishonor" (1) - Reveal the Mystery of God's Name

From “Jehovah” to “Jesus,” and from “Jesus” to “Almighty God,” why does God take different names in different ages? What’s the significance of God’s names? This film clip will show you the answer. 169 more words

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Almighty God's Word "Man Can Only Be Saved Amidst the Management of God" | Eastern Lightning

Almighty God says, “The love and compassion of God permeates each and every detail of His management work, and regardless of whether people are able to understand God’s good intentions, He is still tirelessly doing the work that He intends to accomplish. 283 more words

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The Periodical Cicada’s Timing

I found this interesting little bug on the back cover of the Awake No. 4 2016. Cicadas live on every continents except on one, Antarctica. 249 more words


The Church of Almighty God | Almighty God's Word "The Work in the Age of Law"

 Almighty God says, “During the Age of Law, Jehovah laid down many commandments for Moses to pass on to the Israelites who followed him out of Egypt. 314 more words

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Almighty God's Word "God Is the Source of Man's Life" | The Church of Almighty God

Almighty God says, “The greatness and power of the life of God cannot be fathomed by any creature. It is thus now, was thus then, and will be thus in time to come. 231 more words

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Should We Pray to Jesus?

Researched and Compiled by Chuck McManigal

There is no question that, according to the Bible, Jesus occupies the highest position in heaven next to God. Does that, however, mean that we should pray to Him? 2,192 more words


A Heavenly Reputation Vs. Yours Here On Earth... Where Your Blessing Really Come From!

The Purpose of my Blogs are to uplift and inform…

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Let’s Take It To The WORLD

While searching the internet on how I fit into this place called earth, I came across this study on a Heavenly Reputation. 288 more words

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