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What to Say When a Jehovah’s Witness Knocks on Your Door

(My wife took this picture of our interaction to remember to pray for them)

The doorbell rang on Saturday morning. As I walked to the door, my two middle daughters (ages 3 and 6) scampered along with me. 2,421 more words

The Christian Life

1 Samuel, chapters 1-4

“Then Elkanah went to his house in Ramah, but the boy became a minister of Jehovah before Eli the priest.”
~1 Samuel 2:11

A few years prior, when Elkanah’s sterile wife Hannah came before Jehovah to pray for a son, the high priest Eli had mistakenly made offensive comments to her, misjudging her for a drunkard… 181 more words


The Wind of Change...

I am so tired, and I don’t want to write. I just want the pain to go away. Fifteen minutes, or even ten. Let me please feel nothing. 348 more words


How to Become a Genius in 1 Easy Step! (plus an initial outlay of about 100 bucks....)

There I go again, my head so full of ideas that I cannot focus on just one. There are times when I feel I need to post for stats, or to promote myself, but really, I created this Blog more as a theraputic tool. 1,264 more words

Life Lessons