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How to Become a Genius in 1 Easy Step! (plus an initial outlay of about 100 bucks....)

There I go again, my head so full of ideas that I cannot focus on just one. There are times when I feel I need to post for stats, or to promote myself, but really, I created this Blog more as a theraputic tool. 1,264 more words

Life Lessons

Be Set Free

Hey there. It’s me again, as you well know. I have had a horrid day as far as my physical well being. I had to clean out some gutters yesterday during torrential downpours, and I got drenched on three occasions, as well as climbing ladders, which is very ill advised, in my situation. 460 more words

Life Lessons

As Was His Custom


Two things spoke to me this morning as I was reading about Daniel and what led up to his being thrown

into the lion’s den. First was that those who hated him were unable to find anything of which they could accuse… 667 more words