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The First Operation

From the series Breathing Life

Time truly seems to begin in that first breath of man. There’s a maternal quality as the Creator introduces each first of newborn mankind. 549 more words

Writing Inspiration

God Tests Abraham's Faith

God made Abraham a promise. What was this promise? If you remember, God promised Abraham and Sarah that they will have a son. That seems impossible, because both of them were old. 337 more words

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Abraham-A Friend of God

One of the places where people went to live after the Flood was called Ur. It was an important city with some nice homes. The people there worshiped false gods. 330 more words

My Book Of Bible Stories

Men Build a Big Tower

Many upon, many years has passed since the first rainbow was seen. Noah’s sons had many sons and daughters. Then their children had children and so on and so forth. 275 more words

My Book Of Bible Stories