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Names of God | Jehovah Sali

We hear slogans all the time about rocks. “Like a Rock” is just one of them. Growing up, I often heard a phrase about the “Rock of Gibraltar.” It was always mentioned as being really solid, wasn’t gonna be destroyed and last throughout the storms of life. 1,142 more words

Mini Devos

The Christian Corner: Prayer

This is a practice of communicating with one’s God. Now, who is one’s God? Man has been known to always depend on a spiritual entity for guidance in all aspects of his life. 1,087 more words



“Christian theology involves catching glimpses of who God is and attempting to explain this God, who ultimately, is beyond our comprehension. This activity of “doing theology” involves prayer, worship, and a willingness to hear truths that are anything but sterile.” 66 more words


Names of God | Jehovah Keren-Yish'I

Have you ever noticed how often characters in art and media possess horns? They are everywhere. There are the little ones with Sully (Monster’s Inc.), or the Beast (Beauty and the Beast). 723 more words

Mini Devos

True Religion

Don’t call me spiritual. I won’t get litigious,
But don’t call me spiritual: I’m downright religious.


Be Still and Know...

I’ve been debating on what to write for the last couple weeks as there have been so many of life’s issues with which my husband and I are battling. 1,037 more words


Preserving Grace

This is by far, the sweetest of the doctrines of grace because we are assured, as followers of Jesus, that we will never be lost, forgotten, or left unguarded.  235 more words