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Paranoia inducing imagery in the Watchtower for 15 May 2015

Few people outside of the JW cult know this but there are in fact two different editions of the Watchtower: the one distributed to the public in the preaching work and the one distributed and studied only among the JWs themselves. 397 more words

Jehovah's Witnesses

My Dad is A Jehovah's Witness

Well today was just lovely…. 90% of the day. I spent the first half of my day with my mother who decided to play “hookie” from work :) We spent most of the morning talking about God and my estranged father’s involvement with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Watch Tower organization. 397 more words

Deliverance part eight: Religious spirits part two.

I learnt early in my Christian life when I was 19 that any form of religious exclusivism can lead to control or influence of people’s lives by demonic spirits. 445 more words

Child Sex Abuse in the Church, Again....

As the years go by I am convinced that the most abused thing in this world is the name of God. Everyday it seems that there is another person, group, religious sect that take God’s name in vain. 543 more words

Off The Top

Finished first week 

We made several dinners that first week including garlic pasta, chicken and rice, bacon rice ( soooo good) and chicken adobo, we’ve even had letter nights and hodge- podge nights . 95 more words

First days 

So we spent most of our first day with S&R ( Sarah and rajeeve), and sleeping and unpacking. Our second day we set out on our own from our street jeepney to Muñoz ( remember how to pay and the correct words , we were so proud of ourselves) and then off at Munoz market and transfer to another jeepney to SM north Edsa. 187 more words

So we're here !

So we got our visas just a few days before ourflight. At that point I was no where near packed yet. But we finished packing and we got shipped to the airport … 247 more words