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What Does It Mean to be “Born Again”?

John 3:3. In response Jesus said to him: “Most truly I say to you, unless anyone is born again,*+ he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” 1,517 more words

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How in 2 Weeks my Entire Life Turned Ass Backwards

It was a normal March like any other March in Fresno, Ca. It was much hotter than it should be, and everyone was talking about the, “crazy” weather that we were having. 897 more words

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Is 'Michael' Jesus Christ' new Name?

I recently read an article published by a professed member of the chosen or elect.

It is teaching that ‘Michael’ is Lord Jesus Christ’  new name that he received after his earthly mission and resurrection. 1,261 more words

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Leap of Faith: Why I stopped being a Jehovah’s Witness

In our society, religious organizations are often given a ‘free pass’ to perpetuate practices that would be deemed unethical in the secular world. Some high control groups, including Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and Scientologists continue to shun former members in order to keep the congregation “pure.” Although some ex-members will go back, others are left without communication with their family or friends, simply because they’ve changed their religious beliefs. 187 more words


JW's and the Misdirected Fear of "Independent Thinking"

I recently came across a 2005 blog post in which a former Jehovah’s Witness discusses an evolving trend in both publications and talks from the platform, which is for Witnesses to be warned more and more frequently about “Independent Thinking” in a way that I believe has problematic implications. 1,341 more words

My Friend's Mother Almost Escaped a Cult

I’m still friends with my high school sweetheart. She’s now a mother to a school-aged child. We live in different parts of the US, but we still chat online about animals, vegetarianism, movies, and religion. 1,031 more words