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Knock, Knock! The JW's

I have a video for you today on the Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s a little lengthy but worthwhile.JW’s let us know what you think by way of a comment.


Jehovah's Witnesses, Speech Defects And The Appropriate Expression Of Anger

How do you respond to false doctrine?  I get angry! Perhaps that’s why God gave me a speech defect that pretty much prevents me from talking to people face-to-face. 415 more words

Christian Doctrine

Godless Interviews: NotJah Witness

Thank you to NotJahWitness for coming on my channel and speaking with me about his deconversion as well as his channel.


Bizarre Cult Origins

These are leaders of the various cults. Hubbard was a writer of Science Fiction before Scientology but if you look at the origin of Scientology with Xenu did Hubbard ever stop? 114 more words


A Better Government is Coming

I will never forget Tuesday November 8, 2016. I was in the thick of my job anxiety and was burnt out and depressed most days. But that morning, I felt energized because after work, my mom and I were going to vote, and then we were going to come home, put a gluten free pizza in the oven, and watch the election returns on television where Hillary Clinton would crush Donald Trump. 2,098 more words

Christadelphians: The Only True Church

by being the only true church, Christadelphians are saying, I am holier than you. God responds, these are smoke in my nostrils, a fire that burns all the day. 110 more words


Timeout 4: The Base Of Religions, The Reason Behind Peoples' Beliefs, And The Reality Of Hell

Recently, someone asked me a number of questions on a variety of things. What I have done here is organize the questions into three sections. I list the question and then I answer it. 630 more words

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