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A Different Sort of Church History 1

The discipline of church history has sometimes been entirely top-down history of institutions and intellectual currents, under the assumption that what popes, other leaders, and professional theologians do and think matters more than what Joe Doe in the pew, in his shop, or behind the plow does and believes as a Christian. 1,216 more words

The meaning of the "faithful and wise servant"

Paul White shows in this video what the true meaning of this passage is. It was a parable, and was fulfilled in the first century. 29 more words


Why do Jehovah's Witnesses preach?

I’m not looking for the usual answer  that they will probably repeat to you verbatim. “Because Jesus did”, or “we are only following Jesus’s example”. 767 more words

Jehovah's Witnesses

Two Pillars of Freedom

I’ve been facing some spiritual instability the past few days, I think as an aftermath to my having to attend the Jehovah’s Witnesses Circuit Assembly (blech!) on Saturday. 787 more words

A fallen Prince

Synonymous with sex, queerness and pan-gender expression, Prince defied categorization in his art and public persona. People on the fringe of rigid sexual and gender mores felt at ease knowing that a purple-wearing, heel-stomping, chest hair-sporting, makeup smeared iconoclast was letting it all hang out and causing everyone’s tongues to loll lustily over his erotic-poetic creations. 2,553 more words

Who were the Arians and what did they believe?

Condemned by orthodox Christianity as an arch heretic but lauded by non-Trinitarians as a brave and enlightened challenger to the theological status quo and its political agendas… Will the real Arius of Alexandria please stand up? 2,550 more words