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Jehovah's Witnesses - Petition to Remove Tax Exempt Status

This is just a short post encouraging readers to sign this petition. Please review the information on the petition’s page, as well as the information on the billboard at jwawake.com. 47 more words


Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Worship of Jesus

According to Jehovah’s Witnesses, “Jesus is not God,” and thus should not be worshiped by Christians. The Watchtower, a magazine published twice a month by Jehovah’s Witnesses, has repeatedly made such claims through the years. 2,113 more words

Watchtower Study May 29, 2016 "Jehovah Guides His People in the Way of Life"


The first two paragraphs of this weeks study open with a comparison of railroads to God. Featuring the three words, “STOP, LOOK, LISTEN” it is explained that over 100 years ago, big stop signs were added to railroad crossings so that vehicles would not be struck by a train and lives would be saved. 4,754 more words


The Right Words

I discovered a new artist today.  I was reading posts in the Facebook writer’s group, 1000 Voices for Compassion.  And there in a post by Corinne Rodrigues was a YouTube video by Andrew Peterson.   600 more words

Ministry Ideaz Designs Workbook for Jehovah's Witnesses Children

A family-owned and operated company based in Quito, Ecuador, Ministry Ideaz produces hand-crafted leather goods and other products to promote the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Ministry Ideaz provides high-end items and award-winning customer service to its customers across 180 countries around the world. 120 more words

Ministry Ideaz

Growing up a Jehovah's Witness—Anxiety at a Young Age

Childhood of Fear

Like many current and former Jehovah’s Witnesses, I’ve had to deal with anxiety, depression, and feelings of guilt. Being raised in, “The Truth” especially lends itself to a unique set of anxieties. 1,404 more words


Sgt. Robert Wilson III Ceremony for Valor Showcases Watchtower Hypocrisy

A Brave Man

It should first be said that this article is not at all meant to detract from the valor of this man. It takes courage and bravery to be the sort of person who would make a career out of serving to protect others every day, to be a person who would take action to save lives in a situation where all he wanted to do was buy his son a birthday present. 2,723 more words