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gee, that was subtle

On the heels of their most recent convention, here in ATL, and thus ostensibly (re)energized for mission, the “Jehovah’s” Witnesses were out in full force this past Sunday.[1] By way of example, our little neighborhood, which is held together by a single half-mile-long road, was peppered with six or seven teams of JWs. 985 more words



THE CHILDREN ACT by Ian McEwan (Vintage Books, 2014)

With this novella’s strong focus on the burden of mortality and the melancholy reflections on ‘what-ifs’ from the past, it seems to me that, not for the first time, … 340 more words


Proof that Jesus Christ is Jehovah from the New World Translation of the Bible

Does the Scripture call Jesus Christ Jehovah? It in fact does in several parts.

The first example we are going to use is so unequivocal and easy to understand, we are going to quote entirely from the NWT, 2013: 688 more words


Warning to Jehovah's Witnesses: Understand what '1914' really is

Mission Purpose of this blog

The discussion on this blog is directed to current members of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as I once was, who are devoted exclusively to Almighty God and His will. 2,179 more words

Jehovah's Witnesses

The Divine Nature of the Son and his Role in God's Arrangement

The Divine Nature of the Son and his Role in God’s Arrangement

The divine nature of our lord Jesus the Christ is no mystery.

We must remember that Jesus is the begotten Son of God Almighty; the one and only. 828 more words

Jehovah's Witnesses

Being Led By Holy Spirit

Romans 8:14: “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.”

There have been times when sharing with Jehovah’s Witnesses that I have experienced being led by Holy Spirit. 264 more words

Musing about Science and Religion

Words like “science” and “religion” do not have widely agreed meanings and connotations. What we think the words mean and how important they are to each one of us reflect different cultures, histories and differing relative dependence on the understanding of the two streams of thought and practice. 972 more words

Science And Religion