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Book Recommendation

Rarely do I recommend a book, for several reasons:

  1. If I collected all the books others recommend that I read, I would have a roomful of recommended books.
  2. 378 more words


The Jehovah Witnesses just came to my door.

Which is not all that remarkable.  I was nice to them once and so they now come pretty regularly. 281 more words

The Boat

No part of the world or just more control?

Jehovah’s Witnesses really stand out as different, this is because they want to appear that they are no part of the ‘world’. To define what they believe the ‘world’ is I will type out a piece from their ‘Reasoning from the Scriptures’ book published in 1985 and again in 1989. 800 more words

Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witness Liar

Was approached by a very friendly young chap (Steven) the other day, who just so happened to be a Jehovah’s Witness with a rather exciting pamphlet on lying…and how it isn’t totally groovy so we should all just stop lying now to help save the planet.  68 more words


33 People Confess The Cruelest Thing They Ever Did To An Ex

Found on AskReddit


“Ex cheated on me and dumped me for her. Years later they are married with 2 kids and we reconnect, have an affair. 3,241 more words

Jehovah’s Witnesses Evangelize in Remote Areas

Ministry Ideaz was created when a Jehovah’s Witness volunteer missionary (‘need-greater’), on assignment in Ecuador, noticed that the locals were able to make lovely handcrafted leather folios that could keep tracts and documents organized for door-to-door ministry. 181 more words


New personality or cult identity?

I have recently been thinking about the good changes that some have made when they become Witnesses. That may be another reason why some continue to have a positive view of them – and the term ‘new personality’ is thrown about to show that they are now better people. 1,126 more words

Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses