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First of All Our Laws

Starting with the Reference re Alberta Statutes, SCR 100, but mostly in the 1950s, the Supreme Court of Canada issued a series of decisions which came to be known as upholding an “implied bill of rights” in the Canada. 1,600 more words


Was Jesus Crucified on a Torture Stake?

According to Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Lord Jesus was crucified on a torture stake and not the cross here is the small pamphlet that shows their claim on how Jesus was crucified. 848 more words


The False Doctrine of Annihilationism

If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you can receive Him into your heart and He can deliver you from darkness and sin and have your name written in His Book of Life. 197 more words

Debate or Discuss, That Is the Question

Mark and I finally met again after too long a time. As we approached one of our favorite meeting places, a local restaurant, he expressed his concern that we not get into a big debate, since the waitstaff know him by name. 572 more words

Love of the Truth

“By their fruits you shall know them.” So said Jesus of those who would adhere to the truth of his teachings, as distinguished from those who would diverge. 1,439 more words

Who are Jehovah's Witnesses?

Most people have assumptions about who exactly are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Well the truth is that they’re regular people like you and me. They’re not in a cult like some believe. 520 more words