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Jehovah's Witnesses Endure another Gold digging Sexual abuse claim


Since the massive judgment against Jehovah’s Witnesses in a Candice Conti sexual abuse case, where no evidence was required, and the judge ordered the church itself to pay 23 million dollars, but the abuser wasn’t convicted by anyone, it has been a “run for the gold” upon Jehovah’s Witnesses. 723 more words

Brother, sister, why are you stumbling me???

The concept of “stumbling” your fellow Christian is not something many sermons or talks tend to discuss.  If it is mentioned at all, it’s usually in the context of not drinking alcohol in front of others with a dependency problem, or something similar. 780 more words


My Story. I was raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I do not call the faith “strict” at all because if one is planning on adhering to the principles found in the bible, either you are going to do them or you are not. 2,015 more words

Attending a Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall Meeting

Recently there have been a number of signs indicating to me that I have been “blacklisted” by the local Jehovah’s Witnesses. It began with one of the local elders questioning my motivations for engaging the JW’s in conversations. 789 more words

Over 400 Jehovahs Witnesses Faint After Toxic Gas Attack In Angola 

Jehovah’s Witness convention in Angola was attacked with toxic gas on Friday, causing over 400 people to faint. A local news source, Portal de Angola, reported on Saturday that three young men were detained after the attack. 127 more words


A Study of Revelation: Refuting False Doctrines

Refuting False Doctrines

Max R. King’s “A.D. 70 Doctrine” (also known as Realized Eschatology, Kingism, or the Max King Doctrine)

  • “The Holy Scriptures teach that the second coming of Christ, including the establishment of the eternal kingdom, the day of judgment, the end of the world and the resurrection of the dead, occurred with the fall of Judaism in 70 A.D.”
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