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Trapped in a Flesh Prison

I don’t know. This piece of writing is probably going to be quite negative. It’s time for another therapy session. Many overwhelmingly suffocating thoughts have been occurring lately and this is me giving them their time so that I can hopefully be rid of them. 3,447 more words

BREAKING NEWS : Michael Jackson Painkiller Kills Prince As Well

It seems to be that Prince commited suicide by taking a drug overdose, but like Michael Jackson he has an addiction of Percocet painkillers, which took his life as well at the end. 173 more words


"Tossed Salad" - Tanka 28

A Jehovah’s Witness,

a Seventh-Day Adventist

and an atheist

don’t walk into a brothel

‘cept on days ending in ‘why?’

J Richards

The Christological Heresies: Arianism

Continuing in my examination of the early church heresies concerning Christ, in this post I want to consider the Arian heresy.

That Christ was human was, to the earliest church father, fairly self-evident. 1,124 more words


The Preeminence of Jesus (Sermon)

The following is a sermon I preached at Cherrydale Bible Church on October 4, 2015.

Title: Jesus and God, Jesus and creation, Jesus and the church… 475 more words