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Jeju Island EPIK Teacher Apartment Housing

Are you considering teaching on Jeju Island? Are you worried about the housing options? Well, you should be. I taught on Jeju and lived in two different EPIK Jeju POE housing accommodations during my two terms. 113 more words

Jeju Island

List of EPIK Teacher Housing Locations

List of EPIK teacher housing locations on Jeju Island:

  • Midum Hanaro Apartments, Jeju City
    -PRO: City location (aka near ba
    -PRO: Largest living space
    -PRO: Located near Jeju City Harbor…
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Jeju Stone Park

The Jeju Stone Park turned out to be one of my favourite tourist attractions on Jeju Island. Not everyone appreciated it the same way. A friend once asked, why would anyone go to a museum to look at rocks? 428 more words

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English Teacher Living Expenses in South Korea

One thing to seriously consider before moving to Korea are the living costs. The cost of living varies for each teacher depending on where you reside and where you teach. 787 more words

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Short but sweet - "Jeju Island"

I was aware of the fact that the year of 2017 will get to be a very stressful one and that’s why I decided to go on a trip during spring time and energize myself for the upcoming months. 1,047 more words


Best Flight to Jeju

Luckily, EPIK and other private employers will provide some kind of flight reimbursement or “entrance allowance”. Upon arriving to Korea, if you submit your original boarding pass (yes, the actual hard copy) to your designated office of education, EPIK will reimburse your flight up to 1,300,000 KRW ($1,200 USD). 670 more words

Jeju Island