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Kim Kardashian's Bitch Stole my Look drama!!!!...

Wait whaaaaat????!!!… Kim kardashian has been called so many things in her well urhmm her  “Career” *Coughs* but recently a Serbian pop singer named jelena has accused kanye’s wife of stealing her style and look, the Serbian pop princess has been receiving a lot of attention for the past few weeks due to her claims that Miss Kardashian West is a copy cat, from the platinum blonde hair , the make up and most importantly the clothes…the kardashian fans have been on a frenzy, leaving nasty , rude and hateful comments on the pop singer’s instagram saying she has a nerve of comparing herself to Kimmy cakes, from the pictures its quite evident that between these two somebody is a style thief, Kim kardashian hasn’t responded to any of the frenzy thats been going on, meanwhile miss jelena has been riding the sudden wave of fame she has been receiving from social media, she posted a picture collage of her and Kim kardashian with the caption ” find me” on her instagram …its near impossible to spot who’s who. 16 more words

You WILL NOT BELIEVE Who Justin Bieber is Dating NOW! CLICK HERE ->

It is REBOUND CENTRAL for Jelena! Selena Gomez is on to DJ ZEDD And now…Justin Bieber was spotted with SUPERMODEL NAOMI CAMPBELL!

JB is 20 and Naomi is 44!!!! 100 more words

Whose Selfie is Sexiest…?? Selena Gomez or Justin Beiber…!!

It’s a clash of the selfies! Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber each one posted some really steamy solo shots to their Instagram accounts on Jan. 14 — perhaps enticing each other. 35 more words

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Find Out The One Thing Stopping Selena Gomez From Getting Over Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have broken up and gotten back together so many times in 2014 that it could make you head spin, but is 2015 the year that they’ll finally call it quits for good? 179 more words


Selena Snaps A Selfie In Bieber's Bathroom

Is Jelena back on?? All signs point to YES!!! Cambio reports that Selena Gomez posted a selfie in a setting very familiar to fans. They recognized the tiling as coming from… 85 more words