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Piña Colada Jello Shots 

Jell-O shots are often thought of as something you don’t drink after your hard partying college days. But now it’s time for your Jell-O shots to match your bill paying adult self and what better way then with everyone’s favorite piña colada. 86 more words

White Rum

A Fabulous Fourth

I’m so happy I made the decision to leave the Red White and Boom of Columbus behind for a family fourth in Cleveland. Even happier that Tina made the trip with me! 60 more words


5 Tips for Day Drinking Success

So, I started drinking at noon today. And no, I was not alone.

My office went to the pool for our summer party where we enjoyed an open bar and a heat wave. 176 more words

The 10-Minute Jell-O Shot Machine Is Here

Jell-O shots are fun and delicious, but they have a serious disadvantage: they’re quick and easy to prepare, but require hours of lead time and a lot of fridge space while they congeal. 290 more words


Joe Kleen Schooled part 3

J.T. answered the knock on his door and said, “You look like a butler, Frankie.” He offered this odd greeting to the tall dark man in a tuxedo and when he looked from Frankie to his date he emitted a long whistle and added, “So that must make you Miss Scarlet, Chantelle?” 923 more words


Dedicated to Papa...

My dearest friend in the whole-wide world just lost a very important person in her life; and my heart is breaking for her.  It’s a bitter-sweet time.  347 more words


Meet The Future Of Jell-O Shots With This Keurig-Like Machine

Do you struggle every day to get through the grueling process of making yummy Jell-O shots for your merry band of dude bros/customers? Well, I’m about to ride a unicorn of truth into your dark cavern of distress and take you on an adventure of discovery. 72 more words