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Frosty Lime Salad

Another post with bad pictures, but I have to get rid of the backlog and I’m really not going to remake some of these so I can have better pictures.  359 more words


Virgin Recipe: Jiffy Cooler

Well, it’s been another one of those weeks. It seems like most weeks are “one of those weeks” lately, so it was nice to get back to another “Especially for Junior Cooks” recipe. 517 more words


Where it all started: Jell-O

This post isn’t about a well-known business, but rather a well-known dessert. How I came across this story is another reason why I love “everyday history,” because you never know when or where you’ll find it. 1,487 more words

History And Travel

Virgin Recipe: Cool Coleslaw Salad

…And here we are, back to the nasty Jell-O. The good news is that we’re heading into the final countdown phase, and Cool Coleslaw Salad is the third-to-last of the savory Jell-O recipes! 526 more words


The Adventures of Jell-O Man and Wobbly

When I was a kid, my parents got me a random assortment of comic books, having just heard on the news that comics were the next big thing and that you could make a lot of money just by having old comics. 1,238 more words


Recipe Repost: Jellied Waldorf Salad

Originally posted November 24, 2009

I approached Jellied Waldorf Salad with some trepidation. I’m not especially fond of Waldorf salad anyway, nor really any salad that combines sweet and savory ingredients. 576 more words