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Coconut Lime Jello

It’s been a long couple of months and we’ve fallen off the wagon, as it were, from our diet. I’m looking forward to finally getting back into meal planning and hitting my goals again, but as usual I’m not looking forward to one thing: missing out on sweets/evening treats. 327 more words


Jell-O memories

A WEEK BEFORE MOTHER’S DAY, my sister-in-law showed up with a bowl of Jell-O at her granddaughter’s third birthday party. But this wasn’t just any Jell-O. 392 more words

The Wobbling Treat

Jell-O has been around for over a century. During its golden age, “America’s favorite dessert”—the slogan that appeared in the Ladies’ Home Journal in 1902—came in such flavors as lime and celery and mixed vegetable and tomato. 117 more words


Spring Milkshake Recipe

Recipes are a great way to practice reading, following directions, and understanding measurements.

Spring Milkshake
Serves 6
Ready in 10 minutes

Drinking glasses… 34 more words

Ice Cream

BILL COSBY: A Man in Advertising 

With all of the things that has happened to Bill Cosby in the past few days, maybe one should think about taking a look back at the way that he was in happier times, back when he was once the most popular spokesman there ever was, as well as the most-parodied… 822 more words