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[FHCx143] National Vanilla Pudding Day



Why is vanilla so commonly overlooked? Since when was it the “default” flavor for things? It’s an exciting flavor. Not as exciting as chocolate, mind you, but can hold its own nonetheless. 47 more words


Recipe Repost: Cucumber Sour Cream Mold

or, Dude, Where’s My Parsley?

Originally posted November 19, 2009

Here we enter into the first of our regularly-scheduled savory gelatin dishes. I started with this one because it looked like the least scary one. 646 more words


Virgin Recipe: Jellied Prune Whip

or A Rhapsody in Prunes

When I first started mulling over Jellied Prune Whip earlier this week, my thinking was that it would fit neatly into the theme of “aging” that seems to be evolving in NJoJ. 1,279 more words


Rainbow Project Dinner

We recently hosted a dinner to raise funds for The Rainbow Project, a non-profit counseling clinic that provides crisis treatment and early intervention services to young children and their families who have experienced or witnessed trauma. 68 more words

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Insomnia, Jell-o, Nerd rants and general babbling 

Insomnia is a frequent companion of mine. Frenemies, really. I don’t like not being able to turn my mind off and fall asleep when I want but I will admit that I like having an excuse to sleep late. 617 more words

Recipe Reboot: Easy Fruit Tarts

This is a weird one. I have a very vague recollection of having made Easy Fruit Tarts, and I even have a page of notes on it from the original Project, but it isn’t numbered, and I don’t have any pictures. 997 more words


In retrospect, the basement of the church always felt a little creepy, like descending into the McCallister’s cellar in Home Alone. Musty and damp, poorly lit with stylish yellowey-beige tile that glowed and smelled of biology lab. 615 more words