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Mrs. Roper Party

A few months ago on Twitter, I admitted that I was shopping for kaftans. I’ve been on a huge Three’s Company kick all summer, finding myself more interested in… 500 more words


Weekend Project: Lego Gummy Candies

It’s the long weekend. And it’s raining. What better way to kill time indoors is to create some gummy candy treats for the niece and nephews who are visiting.  382 more words


Subway President of Marketing Regrets Saying There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

Responding to a reporter’s question regarding statements made in 2005 in which Subway President of marketing Martin Porter is quoted as saying, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity,” Porter on Wednesday said, “I can firmly say that I regret those remarks.” 297 more words

Comedy Cabaret

When Gelatin Was a Status Symbol

Gelatin dishes as we know them date all the way back to medieval Europe. From that period up until the mid-nineteenth century, jellied dishes were foods of the elite, served as elaborate molded centerpieces on the tables of nobility.

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Creativity Is not Enough!

Creativity is an amazing thing. People have a longing to create new things and improve existing things. I wrote an article not long ago about people’s desire for efficiency. 295 more words


"We have enough beautiful food for the content, Phil, so just put the butt-ugly mistakes on the cover."

How to make beautiful food in a mold! How to compose soothing symphonies using only recorders and kazoos! How to look magnificent in a bikini by gaining two hundred pounds! 40 more words

Vintage Food

My Ethnic Food - A Musical Tribute to "Lake Wobegon Cuisine"

I am at a potluck in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The hostess has asked us each to bring a dish that reflects our ethnic food. There is a huge and glorious spread from all over the world: African peanut stew, Thai noodles, Mexican enchiladas, Scandinavian pickled herring, and Russian rye bread. 505 more words