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Obligatory Purple Day Post: Epilepsy Awareness, Positivity, and a Years-Old Purple Jell-o Jiggler

I’ve come to see Purple Day as an opportunity to spread epilepsy awareness, partially by reflecting on my personal epilepsy-related triumphs, challenges, etc.

In all three of these senses—triumphs, challenges, and etc.—this year has been, I’d say, my most interesting yet. 675 more words

Memory Lane: Topaz Parfait

Well, we’re back to that weedy, rutted path known as Memory Lane.

I do have a vague recollection of Topaz Parfait, because it’s one of those recipes where the flavor of the Jell-O clashes rather badly with the additional ingredients. 964 more words


Virgin Recipe: Jellied Salad Niçoise

Did you miss me last week? No? Okay, but I missed you. I missed you so much, I made you this lovely Jellied Salad Niçoise. 611 more words


Haiku 73

Sweating profusely

He presses his silver fork

Into some Jell-o


Lurgy Diaries, Volume One...

…or, what I’ve achieved in the last 48 hours, when all I should have been doing was manuscript edits, but have been too ill to manage. 761 more words


Virgin Recipe: Brandied Cherry Ring

Hello. My name is Terra, and I’m a procrastinator.

It’s a problem I’ve had as long as I can remember. I was one of those kids who’d wait until after supper to start on a school project that was due the next day. 766 more words


Virgin Recipe: Parfait Pie

Where to start with this one? Where to start?

Actually, for eating Parfait Pie is not bad at all, but I was scratching my head over the name. 625 more words