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Virgin Recipe: Jellied Gazpacho

I have to say, after a few “scary” Jell-O recipes that turned out to be not so scary, I was really hoping that Jellied Gazpacho would turn out to be fairly nasty. 918 more words


Festive Ambrosia Mold

In a development that’s making Bryan none too happy, I’ve found myself starting to think in terms of familiar dishes that can be remade with Jell-O. 1,173 more words


Giant Gummy Bear!

This is one of those ‘fun, just gotta do it once’ kind of projects. This one was The Kid’s idea and he found the recipe. I just happened to have the perfect pan for it. 360 more words

Recipe Reboot: Orange Pineapple Bavarian

This is one of those “reboot” recipes that I don’t remember at all – but that’s okay, because Orange Pineapple Bavarian is a perfectly pleasant dessert that I really don’t mind making again. 666 more words


A... problem

I have a deadline to meet

But this Jell-O I just eat.

There are words to edit

Yet my mind can’t do it.

My stomach just

Yearns for Jell-O.


Virgin Recipe: Peach-Banana Dessert

Okay, let me just start by saying that I’m feeling a little annoyed about this one. Not because it was so difficult – quite the opposite, in fact. 746 more words