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Virgin Recipe: Barbecue Salad

Back with another nasty one, I’m gratified to say that this is the worst one I’ve done in quite a while. Just when I thought I was getting used to the savory Jell-O recipes, this one surprised me with its extreme unpleasantness. 443 more words


When Jell-O Stalked the Earth

The regular suspects made their annual pillage of the ancient rhubarb a few weeks ago, leaving a few stalks for the family. The thieves are two of Uncle Bob’s “acquaintances” who visit his garden every spring and help themselves to the rhubarb. 462 more words

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Recipe Repost: Grasshopper Dessert

Originally posted October 25, 2009

I have a vague recollection of grasshopper desserts from my youth. Pies, usually, with chocolate crusts. They were pale green and minty, and the grownups seemed to like them because they had crème de menthe in them, which gave them a little bit of a kick. 365 more words


Watch It Wiggle, See It Jiggle

There was a time, in our recent history of foods, recipes containing gelatin were considered a gastronomic experience.

One of the most recognized brands of gelatin was *Jell-O. 339 more words


Recipe Reboot: Wine Gelatin Dessert

Wine Gelatin Dessert appears in the first chapter, “Nice Easy Things to Do with Jell-O”, and it’s lucky I had a simple one this weekend, because it’s about all I’ve had time or energy for. 621 more words


Jell-O: US Open

The Challenge:

Write a piece of social content that helps Jell-O fans celebrate the start of the US Open.

The Solution:

A shot of a tennis racquet being swung through the air, with a blurry trail to indicate motion. 96 more words


Virgin Recipe: Strawberry Bavarian Pie

So, I’ve been trying to take advantage of a long holiday weekend that has turned out to be far too short. On Saturday I finally got an electric guitar, a Squier (budget-range Fender) stratocaster, and a cool little practice amplifier that has a USB port (for digital recording, hopefully) and a bunch of built-in effects to keep me happily distorted until I’m ready to start shopping for pedals. 684 more words