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Christmas ad of the day

Jell-O. Not something I would consider a Christmas food, but, I stand corrected with so many different recipes being posted. So, here is a vintage Christmas ad for Jell-O from 1912, 105 years ago.


Year-end Report: Increased Murder Rate in Toronto Linked to Jell-O Shortage in Siberia

TORONTO – As another year comes to an end and bureaucracies rush to prepare their annual reports, statisticians, police officers and nutritionists in Toronto are struggling to come up with an explanation as to why the city’s 2017 murder rate coincides almost exactly with data from 1987 that shows a shortage of Jell-O in Siberia. 298 more words


The New Joys of Jell-O

Growing up my family was not a big Jell-O family.  Sure my mother sometimes made the ever popular Jell-O jigglers (kids of the eighties know what I am talking about) and for an occasional treat there might have been Jell-O pudding cups in the fridge.  457 more words

Vintage Food

Virgin Recipe: Dream Parfait

feat. Bonus Jell-O: Watergate Salad

Well, this was another of those weeks that feel almost eternal. I don’t even remember last weekend, it seems like such a long time ago. 771 more words


Trader Joe's Non-Dairy Coconut Whipped Topping

FINALLY! A non-dairy whipped topping that tastes like real whipped cream!

For years I’ve been searching for non-dairy whipped topping that approximates Reddi Wip. (Yeah, I know it’s low-brow, but sometimes you just want to shoot whipped cream out of a can.) Last Christmas I tried a rice-based one called… 217 more words

Food Reviews

Virgin Recipe: Fig-Berry Preserves, Snappy Fruit Mold

This week I took advantage of the extra-long holiday weekend to double up, and here we have a couple of fairly seasonal recipes.

Fig-Berry Preserves… 1,322 more words


Virgin Recipe: Jellied Turkey Salad

At number eight in our countdown, and in time to give you a suggestion for something to do with leftover Thanksgiving turkey, I present:

Last year around this time I made… 927 more words