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Why green Jell-o salad is lit

Have you ever had something that you thought would be bad, but was actually epic?

That thing’s probably Jell-O salad.

No, you don’t understand: Jell-o salad is epic. 47 more words


Memory Lane: Coffee Cream Dessert

And here we are, back to Memory Lane, or, in this case, Lack-of-Memory Lane. Coffee Cream Dessert was not at all memorable. Neither the photo nor my notes ring any bells, recollection-wise, and they didn’t inspire me to remake this one, either. 640 more words


Recipe Reboot: Strawberry Yogurt Whip

I call this a “recipe reboot”, but I still have my notes from when I made this the first time around, for posting on October 5, 2009. 895 more words


Unlearning Early Brand Perceptions

Recently, as a requirement for a job application, I was asked to choose a favorite appliance, and then write a brand, market and competitive analysis. I chose to write about my KitchenAid stand mixer, which I compared to a similar Cuisinart stand mixer. 1,663 more words

Julie Lary

Virgin Recipe: Alaska Surprise

… featuring guest taster JB!

This recipe sounded like it might be a good one for company, and as it happened our friend JB was in need of some diversion, so we invited him to Freak Mountain for a lunch of Bryan’s baked mac’n’cheese, and Jell-O. 1,000 more words


Virgin Recipe: Peach Gem Pie

I was a bad girl this week. I deviated significantly from the original recipe for Peach Gem Pie, which is, as you can probably tell from the old photo, just orange Jell-O with peach slices in it, in a pie crust. 494 more words