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Memory Lane: Layered Parfait Mold

It’s kind of ironic that I’ve named this category of recipes “Memory Lane”, because often I have no memory of them at all. Scanning through my editorial calendar, it looks like I’ve front-loaded the blog with the more memorable items (whether this was intentional or not, I’ll leave the reader to guess), so from here on in you can count on Memory Lane to be cracked and increasingly overgrown by weeds. 636 more words


2025 // v.o.f

Comme tout produit, laitier ou autre, j’ai une date d’expiration. Et non, je ne parle pas de mon futur décès. Je parle du jour où mes parents vont me mettre dehors. 548 more words


2025 // v.o.a

Like any product, dairy or other, I have an expiration date. I’m not talking about my eventual death. This is about the day when my parents will kick me out of the house. 472 more words


28 April 2016 -- #haiku

lime green Jell-o
endlessly circling
in the dessert case


Adventures in play dough

It started with last week when Ava wanted to use the play-doh but, it was all dried up and crumbly.  I don’t find that stuff lasts very long at all.  366 more words

Memory Lane: Jellied Charoset

During the original Project, for Passover I decided to try to make a Joy of Jell-O version of the seder plate classic charoset, but with plonk (I draw the line at Manieschewitz) and cherry Jell-O. 863 more words


Bonus Video: Molded Potato Salad - Behind the Jell-O

I’ve been having so much fun fooling around with iMovie, I decided to make you guys a bonus video!