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I've Always Hated Bill Cosby

I’ve Always Hated Bill Cosby

This missive has been germinating for weeks, since the media (finally) picked up the rape allegations against Dr. Cosby. Really, I have wanted to avoid piling on, since my distaste for him has nothing to do with these recent allegations. 925 more words

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What Is The Food That You Loved As A Kid That's No Longer Made?

Ever get a taste for something that you ate as a kid but you can’t find it at any grocery store anywhere?

Well, that might be because they don’t make it anymore! 69 more words


Pink Cosby; or Cosby Floyd

It’s a little known fact that after Roger Waters left Pink Floyd in 1985, the band briefly considered Bill Cosby as a replacement. Needless to say, it didn’t work out.


Accidental Chocolate Ice Cream / Pudding Recipe (Gluten Free)

It’s pudding time, children! (And accidental ice cream) I had no idea how easy pudding was until seeing this recipe via WednesdayChef via Smitten Kitchen… 138 more words

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Favorite Snacks That Are Gone Forever

Hostess fans came out of the woodwork to buy up any last stockpiles of Twinkies, Ho-ho’s, and SnoBalls as the company closed its doors late last year. 253 more words


All Hail the Pudding Pop!

Gentle Readers, what could be better than a pudding pop on a hot day? One with strawberries in it. Thank you Bill Cosby for leading the way. 229 more words