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How to Treat a Cyaena (Lion's mane) Jellyfish Sting in HK

Ouch! It’s the time of year when HK waters are visited by jellyfish of the genus Cyaena also known as the lion’s mane. Although I have written a… 478 more words

Hong Kong Waters

Thousands of dead jellyfish wash up on Redcliffe Peninsula, Australia

Thousands of jellyfish wash up onto the beach at Bells Beach on the Redcliffe Peninsula. Photo: Andrew SaltmarshThousands of jellyfish have washed up on Bells Beach north of Brisbane, creating a spectacular vision of Mother Nature in action. 258 more words


A smack of jellyfish

I have been asked by a local shop to make a small display of jellyfish, which they hope to sell, and I have had some fun putting some different sizes and colours together. 60 more words


Go with the FLOW / Once in a Blue Moon

Reflection, Newport, KY 2009

Blue Moon, Atlanta, GA 2009

Contrary to my current situation in one sense and similar in another, the jellyfish in my series FLOW are free to float around, yet only within their own tank. 220 more words


Compass Jellyfish in Southampton Harbour... 'as big as melons !'

Compass Jellyfish in the South…

My son saw these Compass Jellyfish this week in Southampton Harbour. They were as big as melons he said.
There have been reports of these huge jellyfish in the SouthWest for weeks now due to the warm weather, but unfortunately I haven’t seen any in Torquay. 10 more words


Mystery of the golden jelly

Just where or where did this beautiful jelly come from?

Imagine you’re a fishermen in Chioggia in north-east Italy. It’s autumn, 2013, and you start your day as any other, casting your next for fish. 252 more words


A giant purple jellyfish washed ashore in Australia, and it's one of my favorite jellies

Though pretty dead, hold on to your hats for the live ones…

This purple jelly recently washed ashore in Queensland, Australia. What is it? A Thysanostoma  jelly, and these guys are stunning. 166 more words