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Off to market

There is a Christmas fair coming up in the next village to ours, and I have been asked by a friend to share a table with her. 87 more words


My favourite and my best

What a pleasure it is to visit a yarn shop and come away, not just with a bag full of yarn, but also a head full of ideas of how to use it. 166 more words


Swimming with jellyfish

I had the most lovely trip to the jellyfish shop the other day. It is a charity shop and is manned by volunteers so I have not yet met everyone who works there. 72 more words


Could jellyfish help clean our seas?

This post is an idea post. It isn’t about the latest science (at least, not fully). Instead, it’s about a thought. Something I’ve been wondering about for a while. 636 more words


Beginning stages of me teaching myself to draw...don't judge.

I have have never taken any art classes..ever. I am self taught. I’m not the greatest by all means. But atleast you can make out what I’m trying to show. 11 more words


Floating on air

They should really be floating in the sea, but I decided to forgo realism in order to get an actual photo!
My production line is now finished, and soon they will be using their jellyfish charms to entice someone to buy them!


Production line

I visited the little shop that is selling my jellyfish recently, to discover that they had sold out!

So today I have got the production line going to make some more. 20 more words