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If I Only Had a Brain

Scarecrow and Tin Man didn’t know how good they had it. According to the National Science Foundation, “With few exceptions, jellyfish are brainless, bloodless, boneless and heartless, and have only the most elementary nervous systems.” 1,037 more words


Suset Jelly in nrc Space

Here we work through an advanced supersymmetry example from The Hidden Logic of Sudoku, without the symmetries.  The humanly practical tools of Sysudoku are entirely adequate to the task. 826 more words

Advanced Solving

Jellyfish Idea Creations

Check it out! I made a jellyfish today. lol. Been working on sketches for this for awhile. This jellyfish is all copper. Hand hammered the head from flat sheet up to the curved shape it is now. 18 more words


Baltimore Aquarium and Xmas Village

It was $1 day at the Baltimore Aquarium (versus a normal $40 per person). We waited in the line, which wrapped around the entire large building and snaked here and there, for over an hour and got our tickets for a little later in the afternoon. 75 more words

Day Trips

Winter walk

Jellyfishes still alive in December, that’s amazing or climate changes.

Rhodedendron prepared for next seasons blooming.

Shaddow of me ;)

How does your winter walks looks like? 23 more words

What Ever

How Japan solved the rising jellyfish population

Rising jellyfish population invading coastal waters of Japan has affected fishermans livelihood. Watch the video to understand what the Japanese and Chinese are recommending to resolve their problems.