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Year long Hiatus but I swear I can do it this time!

“I swear I can write every week!”, I say, as I work 2 jobs, attempt to build a professional post-graduate portfolio, and plan to take online classes simultaneously. 194 more words

Swimming with Stingless Jellyfish

Swimming with jellyfish in a sea water lake in Togian Island, Central Sulawesi is one of the unforgettable moment for me.

There are only three places in the world where you can find stingless jellyfish, one is in Palau, Micronesia and the other two are located in Indonesia, precisely at Derawan in Kalimantan and Togian Islands. 204 more words


Seeking the sun in deep, dark places

Ocean sunfish enjoying a bask!

Often seen basking at the surface, there has been a long held view that ocean sunfish are rare, inactive drifters feeding solely on gelatinous plankton, however recent studies have shown these notions to be far from accurate. 460 more words


This is it! The last stop on our incredible journey across the United States. It’s been over a year now since we were there, but it’s been incredible looking back at all we got to experience. 615 more words

Elodie Will Throw Things At Me

A shockingly beautiful sea slug washed up in Australia last week

A cartoonish creature known as the blue ocean slug, also known as the blue dragon, washed ashore on Australia’s Gold Coast last week. These slugs are known to biologists as… 141 more words

Too many wips!!!

Hello crafters!

First, I hope that for those of you who are in France, you and your family and friends are all safe. When I woke up on Saturday morning and got the news of the attacks (Saturday morning in Australia is Friday night in France) I had never been so afraid as my little brother lives in Paris in the area where the attacks happened. 149 more words