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How To

Jelqing is a gentle massage technique that naturally enlarges the penis by forcing more and more blood through the corpora cavernosa, in effect stretching the corpora cavernosa. 1,506 more words



Well… here’s your Penis :) scientifically speaking anyway. I am not going to give an anatomy lesson here, instead this illustration will. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself somewhat with this illustration, as I will be referring to various parts in the How-To section of this site. 12 more words



I will not go into much detail here, as Most of this information is up for debate, and most searches have concluded the same results. Jelqing is thought to have begun in the Middle East, as early as 400 B.C. 26 more words



There are foods out there that are deemed super healthy for your penis. But there also PLENTY of things that harm your ability to get and maintain a healthy erection. 681 more words


Safety First


First thing is first, SAFETY!!! You DO NOT want to harm your Member during jelqing, or any other time for that matter. I am by NO means a medical professional. 435 more words


Results of Four Months of Penis Enlargement Exercises

Being a university student, I had a four month break for summer.  During this time I purchased a program called The Penis Professor.  It was a series of videos about exercises and stretches for your penis, which would supposedly make it bigger.   280 more words