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Lost and Found in the Wild

by Jane Engleman

The deer hide on the dirt is itchy and stiff,
the veiled moon through the roof beams
weak, white. We swig the anemic tea you… 198 more words



I will always say, “I am.” It has not always been this way. And it is not to say that it is not true that “We are.” Poets never become the center of a light until they become the infinity of the periphery, along with everybody else. 309 more words


Declaration of Independence as a Poet

I have become a poet. I have only this. I am not a poet because I have won the Pulitzer Prize or published fourteen books. I know that I am a poet because I have accepted that my heart bleeds rhythm and because I have seen that this rhythm is real as bongos; it is heard, felt, thought, walked, danced, performed and lived. 704 more words



I’ve been to three conferences this year. Why do I go to all these conferences? Why is healing important? How do I find mental health in music, art and writing? 126 more words