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Game night

I met up with a few friends last night for game night. The evening started out with 20 questions (which wasn’t one of the games) about… 196 more words


眩暈Siren (Memai Siren) - ジェンガ (Jenga) Translation

Kanji: taken from the video


The words I couldn’t help but throw up break away somewhere,

Inside my envious mind, regrets and self-consciousness, I swim* 616 more words

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Jenga blocks, a game about precision, geometry, physics, perfect hand eye coordination, dexterity and speed. Jenga blocks or Jenga is a classical block stacking game in which you have to keep making an ever growing tower using only 54 rectangular blocks that are always three times longer than its width, and one fifth as thick as its length, so the dimensions can be as you like, as long as they follow the 3 : 1 : 0.5 ratio. 623 more words

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Flash Post 017: Failures & Jenga

So it’s been a month and 12 days since school started and I’m still relatively okay. I’ve failed an exam already and I’m pretty sure I also failed the other exam I took on the same day, BUT I did pass one exam. 621 more words


I bet you cannot say it never happened to you ever…

We grow up, we go out away from parents to study and we get settled with our jobs far away from our parents. Parents, who have spent most of their time in the life thinking about us after we were born. 287 more words


HPAN Sponsors Equines for $446

The East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue was asked to help an elderly couple that could no longer care for their minis. The husband is completely bed bound and the wife said she could not handle the responsibility. 101 more words