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OK! Oktoberfest!

I’m baaaaaaaack!  Did you miss me? :)

I promise I will a) not leave you for that long again, and b) will finish both my Hong Kong and Epic Road Trip series, but for now, here’s something else. 363 more words


Minimalist Posters

As a continuation of last week’s lesson I created 3 more minimalist posters based on the words/phrases ‘up’, ‘fair play’ and ‘full circle’.

‘Up’ – the final poster is taking an alternative viewpoint on a stairwell and the fact it’s… 215 more words

À mon arrivée

So it begins. I’ve always been a keen diary keeper, but have never broadcast my thoughts and feelings out to the world like this before. But, as the next 8 or so months are going to be full of new experiences and challenges, I wanted to share how I feel about it all as it happens. 558 more words

Jenga out of hours

It has been suggested that jenga outside the workplace might prove more popular. To that end I have hired the Odyssey Arena this weekend and bought another fifty jenga sets. 84 more words


Shit Jenga

I was talking to my friend the other day about how life seems to have this habit of piling all the annoying crap on at once. 244 more words


Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) & Their Great Herculean Experience

Emirates National Oil Company is a diversified oil and gas group, supplying energy to Dubai and the UAE, as well as internationally to the Middle East, Africa and Europe.  257 more words

Small shoots

The mystic charm of jenga is not obvious to all. There may be some people who dismiss this game for those 5 years plus as childish nonsense, but to the enlightened it takes on its true significance. 120 more words