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Giant jenga, micheladas, new shoes.

Once again, it has been a while.  Luckily nothing too interesting has been happening, so my recap will be somewhat short.

Food’s first:

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Delayed Gratification - postponement number 2

The marshmallow test was an interesting piece of research into children’s psychology. Take one marshmallow now or sit and look at it for a couple of minutes and you will be given three marshmallows. 22 more words

Delayed Gratification

Jenga Doodle

So. My cousin went to Baguio and brought the box of Jenga but for some reason he went back with the destroyed box. Fortunately, he had this eureka moment which he constructed a wooden box for those homeless blocks. 156 more words


Only one day to go...

Golly, I’m so excited sang someone or other…with one day to go before jenga club starts its shenanigans I have been practising my cap tossing (see jenga rule 14a). 96 more words


My Little Part in the Local Summer Reading Program

I have been involved with donating a prize for the Summer Reading Program to our small town library for the past few years now, and this year I decided to go big. 709 more words


When the Jenga Tower Stays Up

I’ve played a lot of Jenga games in my lifetime. Okay, so I’ve played about five games of actual Jenga, and the rest have been metaphorical. 400 more words