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Woodworking to avoid the rain.

The following will have very little to do with diet, fitness, nutrition, it’s all about accomplishing a woodworking project.

As I have stated many times that I go to my parents house a lot on the weekends, to visit and enjoy the peace and quiet. 294 more words

A relaxing few days

The weekend arrived and Friday afternoon we had a spontaneous decision to go out for a meal. Then the decision of where… Eventually we settled on the Beefeater on Reading. 438 more words


Slow Motion Whip Jenga

The most bad ass way to play Jenga there is.


What happens when you give a 7 year old some Jenga blocks and a video camera?

Isabel, 7, has always wanted to be an artist. She got the Jenga blocks and a camera out to get creative. It’s not just a game of tumbling blocks you know. 30 more words


Timber! DI Decimal Division Jenga

When I first started teaching middle school, I guess you could say I was a generalist.  I tended to see my students as a single body.   673 more words

A Little Thing Called Games - Social Times

The one thing great about any sort of game whether its uber silly or just plain fun – they can lead to some great social times with friends. 487 more words


The Fears of a Fellow

Boy am I excited to be having a baby boy!

However, in all honesty, I am slightly terrified. My panic is ranging from the typical breastfeeding, diaper changing, can’t calm my crying baby fears…to the “pee tee-pee,  penis dealing, bringing home the questionable girl” catastrophes. 481 more words