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Wann ist genug genug?

“Doch wie lang soll die After Hour der After Hour noch dauern?” – Jennifer Rostock (“Jenga”)

“Wir sollten uns vielleicht ‘ne kleine Pause nehmen…Wir sollten uns vielleicht bis Montag nicht hören…” finden wir beide, als wir nach einem intensiven, Kräfte zehrenden, auswringenden Telefonat unsere Handys beiseite legen. 582 more words

Vienna Hübner


Silent emanations of netherworlds
dastardly play with emotions
as though they were toys.

Jenga piles; lip services
placed and reapplied,
suctioned into vacuum seals
then labeled as misnomers. 25 more words


the impact

you are just like a punch
in my guts
you are a shiny chameleon

your baby face is something I could not remember properly
your kind smile disappears through chats and messages… 105 more words



We were once a tall, strong castle

Standing proudly in the kingdom

We could withstand any winds,

But over time, as the building began to weather, 65 more words


Infinitely Playing Jenga

I’m in a weird standstill in my life right now, and I’m having feelings I’ve never felt before.

The first 21 years of my life were scheduled down to the minute. 674 more words

jenga games

hahahahah, who are we kidding with this whole mariam is going to try to be a positive person thing?

i am homesick for the mariam who started this blog. 856 more words


Trivia #125 – Jenga [An African Board Game]

Jenga is a game created by Leslie Scott, and currently marketed by Hasbro. Players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. 307 more words