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Day 252 – Jumbo Jenga

Day 252 – Jumbo Jenga at WhiteCloud Analytics. I don’t know if this is art or just a jumbo game of Jenga. I wasn’t curious enough to risk it. 10 more words


Robbie Keen - Simplification and Fortification

Robbie is a director of Jenga, a Ugandan NGO. He spoke to us of his experiences in Uganda and how their love for the Ugandan Muslims and others in the slums of Mbale have brought many to Christ. 49 more words

Guest Speaker


ou’ll never look at a box of Jenga blocks in the same way again.

In a delicious sequence from ‘The Big Short’, the imminent collapse of the American housing market is demonstrated by a creepy looking Ryan Gosling. 207 more words


Watch Your Step: Online Reputation

There are many things in life that take years to  build. These things include: a career, job experience, a resume and general life experience. One’s reputation, online and otherwise, is similar to a game of Jenga. 396 more words

Laundry Jenga

So I have finally caught up with the washing backlog which occurred over Christmas because we had visitors who didn’t appreciate my clothes horse hung with wet washing, apparently it “was like a Chinese laundry”. 65 more words


New Year's Celebration 2016

Had a blast at the New Year’s celebration with my husband’s family.
We spent it playing family games like Uno, frisbee, Jenga, Phase 10, Word Around.

Fun time with family!

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Board Game Night Playlist: Old Mainstream Board Games

The likes of Monopoly, Life and Candyland define a very specific part of my childhood. These were the games that introduced me to tabletop gaming and admittedly, I had a lot of fun playing them back in the day. 674 more words