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Kickstarter Pick of the Week - Garbage Day

School started this week, and it has been a complete blur. Honestly all I remember  was meeting parents, supposedly talking coherently to students, and running around trying to get all the photocopying done. 396 more words

Thereputic Jenga

Hi there! *Waving.* Shea here.

One of my favorite interventions is therapeutic Jenga. This is a simple intervention that can be adapted for a variety of client demographics and for treatment of a… 490 more words


Under Construction

You built your entire existence

On lies.

One on top of each other

Until it was sky high

An impenetrable tower

Or so you thought. 119 more words

Woops® Macaron Window Dressing Jenga

Since the Macarons won’t easily stack, Woops® features a Jenga-like full package Visual Merchandising construct as Window Dressing. If the Macaroons were as colorful as the icons on the branded signage at right, I surely would have added a plate- or tray-full at the base to visually tickle the tastebuds of passersby. 253 more words

Store Fixtures

Cat Is Surprisingly Good At Jenga

Cats are known for being dexterous and clever, but this viral video of a cat playing Jenga is still surprising.

Highfields - 23 August 2015

Have you ever tried playing Jenga with assorted cardboard boxes?  That’s one of the activities that we did together on the afternoon of 23rd of August at the village hall in Highfields.  192 more words


Chardon | USA

Chardon, Ohio – my childhood home. I spent most of my childhood here, from the age of 9 to the age of 18, when I embarked to university in Cincinnati – and never looked back. 295 more words