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i wish i were engulfed in flames by Jeni Decker

“What Jake was doing was preparing for his trip into unreality – the world of games where he was in control and never felt different,” 189 more words


Fifty Shades of Grey vs Fifty Shades of Snark

You Nook owners have been crying in your beer, your sleep and your local confessional because Waiting for Karl Rove has only been available on Kindle. 277 more words

Jeni Decker

I Feel Bad About Nora Ephron's Neck

I feel bad about Nora Ephron’s neck.  Her astute observations about aging in women are personified by this quote:  “Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth.” 220 more words

Jeni Decker

How I Intend to Win the 2012 Presidential Election by Changing my Position on Every Issue and Pretending to Love Grits but Not Sex - by Mitt Romney (a private, inter-office planning memo revealed…)



Sir, we’ve been asked by the press to address some issues. I’ve bullet-pointed them below. Thoughts? Just jot some notes down beneath each point and I’ll forward them to the speech-writing team for… filtering.. 422 more words

Jeni Decker

Mitt Romney and the Sparkly Poo

It’s none of my business how rich people spend their money.  If they want their polo ponies to wear platinum-plated horseshoes, who cares if those horseshoes might have fed a dozen starving children for a year? 590 more words

Jeni Decker

No Purchase Necessary

I’m usually the unluckiest person in the world.  I’m even more unlucky  than  the 7 Most Bizarrely Unlucky People Who Ever Lived.  Have any of them thrown up in a coffee cup that seconds before was being used by their boss?  843 more words

Jeni Decker

Memorial Day

Jeni Decker and I both support the troops who are not only currently serving – shout out to SPC Brad Dorroh in Afghanistan, but who have served in the past. 309 more words

Jeni Decker