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July First Friday - Short Shrift A Presentation of Work

This Friday 7pm @The Storey in Lancaster – there is a chance to attend a very unique event…..

Short Shrift

A vindictive May Queen…
An unwanted inheritance… 106 more words

Event Plug

this skin I'm in

Not every tattoo has a glamourous backstory. I technically have three, and the first was essentially a trial run because I had an idea for a small piece and a tattooist friend happened to have a little time free on a particular day.  1,050 more words

It's Personal

Cold Light – Jenn Ashworth

One of my reading highlights last year was undoubtedly Jenn Ashworth’s debut novel A Kind of Intimacy, a wonderful dark book which featured one of my favourite things – the unreliable narrator. 1,158 more words


The Books We Keep Meaning To Read...

Why do we save books for that elusive rainy day? This is something I have been pondering a lot of late and decided that I need to address in my own reading habits. 606 more words

Random Savidgeness

Poor Souls’ Light; Seven Curious Tales

Almost a year ago I told you about a collection of short stories entitled The Longest Night; Five Curious Tales. These were just the right sort of ghostly tales you need around Christmas and saw some authors I love such as Jenn Ashworth, Alison Moore and Emma Jane Unsworth who collectively self published it and went on spooky nights here there and everywhere telling these tales and discussing ghost stories. 1,016 more words


Best Books of 2014, according to me

It’s that time of year when I give a brief round-up of books I’ve read in the past twelve months, those that I have enjoyed or have affected me in some way. 487 more words