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such a lonely soul.

The night has lately become a haunting time for me, when my demons come out to play.  I’m not even being dramatic by saying that.  My mind has felt like the devil’s playground before, yes, and in a much worse way, but now that my mind has rearranged a bit, there are new weaknesses, new ways to play… 487 more words



Honestly, it’s been rough time since I’ve moved back home after graduation, in terms of emotionally and spiritually. I have a solid gig coaching baseball but besides those few hours a day things are ehhh. 554 more words

Music | Brian and Jenn Johnson

Brian and Jenn Johnson are a part of the worship group at Bethel Church know as Bethel Music. They recently released an album of their own called… 60 more words


Bethel Music - 'Come to Me' Featuring Jenn Johnson

Bethel Music single track called “Come To Me” Featuring  Jenn Johnson from album You Make Me Brave (Live)


Praise And Worship

At the Mention of Your Name | Jenn Johnson

Here’s a song from Brian & Jenn Johnson’s latest album, “After All These Years.” May it encourage and remind you of Who is always for you, always with you, and lives His life in you. 122 more words


On the Track: Mention of Your Name - Jenn Johnson

Happy Ash Wednesday! I’ve been listening to this song every morning while I read the Bible on my way to work.

On The Track