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September 30, 1996 - Monday - 8:30 a.m.

The last day of September.

Yesterday was great!  Marta came to church with me.  She really enjoyed it.  The high school guys were very impressed with the beautiful woman by my side. 198 more words

Thirsty Thursday: The Very Pragmatic Reason I Haven't Returned to Witchcraft

They say witches are most powerful in threes, but as a young Wiccan, I always worked as a solitary practitioner, and the few spells that I did attempt seemed to manifest my hopes into reality. 1,228 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest - Adoption

Adoption is the single biggest quest Charlotte and I have ever undertaken. The roots of this quest could be traced back to the mid-70s, before we were married, when I met Charlotte’s Uncle Leon at a family picnic. 510 more words


Thirsty Thursday: Who Done Did It? The Mystery of JonBenet and Shapeshifting Sensationalism

Around the time of 4th of July and apple pie, I proclaimed that Anna Nicole Smith was America’s sweetheart. However, the buzz surrounding this week’s premier of CBS’s… 1,452 more words


Little Jenna

I’ve been doing quite a bit of experimenting lately. That’s what it seems like, anyway. When I get some time to do a little creating, it seems like I’ve been feeling adventurous enough to try new things. 84 more words


Thirsty Thursday: DSBM for the Rite of Fall

Where does comradery end and a clique begin? The heart of any clique seems to be cliché. Its members are unaware that they are the joke that everyone’s in on but them. 793 more words

Drunk In A Graveyard

Our Next Hike

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