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July 25, 1995 - Tuesday - 11:22 p.m.

Around 2:00 p.m. today, this day looked like it was going to be a total bummer, but I found joy in the end.

Last week, on Tuesday the 18th, I went to the eye doctor for a few contact prescription.   351 more words

Jenna (#1)

Awareness saunters in slowly, shaped as a painful throb behind my eyeballs. The pulsing of a strong headache begins to invade the darkness of a deep sleep, causing me to become less aware of the dreamless eternity and more aware of the sharp pain in my head.  592 more words



25th JULY
Here I must say that PHP and the Bournemouth Echo will have  better reports and MUCH better photos. Mine were taken on my phone and I couldn’t be everywhere at once. 402 more words

1.10 - Climbing the Ladder

Previously, the triplets aged up to YA and Ethan up to teen, some Langurds and Terreys invaded MH, and we assessed our spouse options for Gen 2. 1,745 more words


July 16, 1995 - Sunday - 11:06 p.m.

I’m back home from Fishnet.

Friday was a good day.  I went to most of the programs and heard many great speakers like Winkie Pratney and Josh McDowell.   1,340 more words

Guest post: Kyria’s top ten DVDs for intermediate and advanced bellydancers

Dear readers, I’m thrilled to bring you today’s guest post from Kyria, a bellydancer from the Netherlands. Kyria and I have chatted online about our shared obsession with bellydance DVDs, and I asked her if she could provide a professional dancer’s perspective on how and which DVDs to use for at-home training.  1,788 more words


1.09 - All the Skills

Last time, just the other day, our teens entered the world of dating, Nadia topped her career and completed her LTW, and Galen’s wish for youth finally came true. 1,296 more words