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Thirsty Thursday: The Official Drunk in a Graveyard Maryland Deathfest Pregame

Well friends, that time is upon us once more. I’m spooning a yellow Forever 21 box full of polyester bralettes, I’m out several hundred dollars, and I can hardly sleep out of anticipation of spending three days in a parking lot. 1,607 more words


Mary and Evil Fruit

My older daughter, Jenna Grace, started talking when she was about 8 months old and has been a constant source of verbal cuteness ever since.  A conversation I had with her while sitting in car line waiting to pick up our oldest the other day is actually the catalyst for starting to record all the “kid-isms”. 97 more words

Bible Stories

Jenna + Hector

This is a special session to me. I have known Jenna for almost two decades now, so that alone makes this session special, but this is also the first “job” I’ve done since we moved to Florida! 21 more words

Thirsty Thursday: Dank Ass Vegan Eats, John Joseph Update and the Cancer of Youtube

For my senior thesis, I wrote about dramturgical elements and implicit pro-ana messages in the YouTube beauty community. Well, the internet police alerted me that I done goofed, because I’m pretty sure the dark hole of internet vegans is the ebola-dipped cancer-AIDs the sociological community has been waiting for. 2,425 more words


May 15, 1996 - Wednesday - 4:00 p.m.

After I wrote in my journal on Monday, I checked the mail.  In the mailbox, I found a huge brown 8×10 envelope address to me from a person I thought I forgot.   648 more words

How to Know If You Are Becoming A Better Version of You

A Bigger, More Authentic Container for Ourselves

Fifteen years ago I was on the path to becoming a child and family therapist. I  had a big dream, which included single handedly saving children and families. 844 more words