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1.07 - The Cleaning Crew

Last time, Tess, Jenna and Nadia all aged up, the teens danced all the time, and then they went to prom. 1,348 more words


How to take a toddler to the pool in just a few, easy steps

1. Tell toddler you will be going to the pool if they finish their lunch.

2. Immediately regret this decision as the toddler now spends the rest of lunch time saying, “Pool? 613 more words


Last Weeks Top Favorites that had me smiling big

1. In last week’s post I spoke about Jenna Lowe, the brave girl from Cape Town who battled pulmonary hypertension for for a couple of years before passing away on the 8th June. 798 more words

A Colourful Confession

Merino Jenna

As I’ve mentioned, I didn’t enjoy Me-Made-May this year. It wasn’t a challenge, and I was basically just wearing a dress every day – the same as normal, but with a couple of options taken out; it wasn’t worth it. 714 more words

1.06 - Dancing Teen

Previously, Ethan aged up to an adorable toddler. Nadia and Galen went to Egypt together, and Jenna refused to sleep without a story. 1,447 more words


Dear Jenna...

It was Spring, or at least I think it was. It may very well have been early Summer, I’m not very good at remembering seasons all that well when I recollect on my past. 444 more words

Border Collie

Monday, June 15th

I text her, “I’m on my way”, but I’m actually just then getting ready. I had hopped out of the shower, but I still had to get dressed, eat lunch, and do my makeup before actually leaving. 192 more words

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