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The Smart One

By Jennifer Close

Weezy Coffey’s parents had always told her she was the smart one, while her sister was the pretty one. “Maureen will marry well,” their mother said, but instead it was Weezy who married well, to a kind man and good father. 514 more words


Book Review: The Smart One

In one my earlier posts of the summer, I reviewed Jennifer Close’s debut novel, Girls in White Dresses. While I loved most aspects of the book, one of the criticisms I had of it was the introduction of too many characters. 385 more words


Girls in White Dresses

Girls in White Dresses is the debut novel by Jennifer Close and gives great insight into what the life of a twenty-something woman navigating life after college looks like. 271 more words


Book Review: Girls in White Dresses

There comes a time in one’s twenties when a friend gets married and then, like wild fire, the wedding trend begins. The celebration of nuptials between two people is a wonderful experience, except when you’re the single guest attending one of many wedding ceremonies, sans an S.O. 400 more words


Adventures with Audiobooks: The Smart One by Jennifer Close

I used to listen to audiobooks as a child, but they haven’t really been part of my ‘library’ as an adult. We listened to A Song of Ice and Fire… 644 more words


The Smart One- Jennifer Close

The Smart One is told in alternating points of view from four women in the Coffey family.  Weezy is the matriarch, whose empty nest doesn’t stay empty and who is a bit of a control freak.  556 more words


Book Reviews: The Smart One by Jennifer Close

Spring and summer always makes me want to read chic lits (chick literature). It must be the nice weather that makes me want to read about adventure and friendship. 97 more words

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