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THE EMOJI MOVIE (2017): New Trailer Starring Anna Faris, T.J. Miller, Sofia Vergara, James Corden...

Starring Anna Faris, T.J. Miller, Patrick Stewart, Sofia Vergara and James Corden, the new The Emoji Movie trailer is here and it has Gene (Miller), a multi-expressional emoji, on a journey to become a normal emoji… 109 more words


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2 broke girls, sophie, seductive, sexy dance, jennifer coolidge Gif for Fun at your Time


Sir Patrick Stewart, Shakespearean trained actor, will voice the poop emoji in The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie seems full of questionable ideas, namely that it’s a movie based on emojis. But while the core concept might be iffy, Sony is at least doing a bang up job on the casting side of things. 170 more words



3 1/2 stars

Christopher Guest has an interesting process for his comedic “mockumentary” films. He and his co-writer create the characters and the premise (here, an annual competition of sports mascots, the Fluffy Awards) and then he casts actors with a flair for improvisation and the ensemble starts filming without a script, or any real rehearsal. 319 more words


Lemony Snicket´s "A series 0f unfortunate events"

It was much better than I had expected. I can´t take Jim Carrey´s histrionic acting, but this film made the cut. I liked it…

Fue mucho mejor de lo que esperaba. 20 more words

Film Review: Mascots

The following review was originally published as part of our coverage of the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.

At this point in actor/writer/director/master improv wrangler… 731 more words


MASCOTS (2016): New Trailer From Chris O'Dowd, Jane Lynch, Parker Posey...

Chris O’Dowd, Jane Lynch and Parker Posey are some of the comedy stars of co-writer and director Christopher Guest’s latest movie, Mascots. A comedy focused on the very competitive world of sports mascots? 77 more words