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Healing Infection

Sept. 20, 2015

Hi Everyone,
I’ve not felt well for several months now. This past week, the pain increased so I went to a medical doctor. 619 more words

In Which I Catch Up

Why, yes, I haven’t updated this blog since March.

I wish I could give you a fabulous reason as to why, or to relate some dramatic development in my life. 347 more words

I Choose to Dream

Today, I choose to dream!  For a long, long time, I haven’t been able to dream about anything, (how the heck did that happen and why?), but today, I sat down to write a draft of this post on dreaming, got stuck getting the words out, so paused to go out for a walk/run and listen to my favorite podcast called Walking the Talk with  532 more words


New Beginnings

So happy that the month of September is over as it was filled with stressful events, heartache, a poor diet, and not as much yoga as I had hoped for.   441 more words

Holy Alter Fire of Love

Dear Readers,

I just started taking this totally rad class called, Masterful Living, taught by Rev. Jennifer Hadley. Wayyyyy back ago when I first started my blog (I’m sorry I’ve been absent), I talked about the Rev., and then I got sidetracked by animal guides, psychics, and a bajillion other metaphysical intel. 412 more words

The Blend

Another Opportunity for a Loving Thought

Dear Readers,

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll have by now learned that, A Course in Miracles and Rev. Jennifer Hadley, have had a fairly major impact on my life as of late. 508 more words

The Blend

Just Purge the Stuff... I Am

Dear Readers,

Each time I walk through my home, I look at my dining room table and frown, then my couch, coffee table, dining room chairs, book cases, CDs, kitchen items… my brows furrow and I frown deeper than before. 381 more words

The Blend