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Passengers (2016)

A sci-fi movie that is just disguising a cheesy romance movie that you have probably seen a dozen times before. However with a formula that changes the environment and questions morals this film will keep you entertained enough. 502 more words

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Passengers Review

There is a reason they woke up.

Passengers stars Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Sheen and Lawrence Fishburne.

The spaceship Avalon is on a 120 year trip from Earth to a new planet, Homestead 2. 419 more words


Passengers (2016)

I know this film has received quite a lot of negative reviews, so if you’re here to fuel your burning hatred towards it, look away now. 774 more words

Social Anxiety & Celebrity

Sean and I watched Neal Brennan’s stand-up special 3 Mics on Netflix earlier this week. Neal Brennan was the co-creator and co-writer and co-everything else on Chappelle’s Show, which meant a whole lot of success all at once, and then even more abruptly, nothing at all. 886 more words


It’s hard to talk about Passengers without bringing up the tree on the deck. Most of you know what I am refering to, because it was in many of the reviews, and some didn’t consider it a spoiler. 646 more words


I liked Passengers

When I first saw the preview for the Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Pratt movie, I was soooo excited! Two actors that haven’t let me down in SPACE! The premise looked awesome and the setting remarkable. 575 more words


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Passengers  (B).  The critics haven’t been too kind to this new sci-fi flick, but I liked it pretty well.  For this particular movie it’s kind of hard to know what would count as spoilers, so first I’ll just say what the movie is about based on the first ten minutes:  an awesome starship from Earth is on a 120-year journey to a new world, with 5,000 passengers and a couple hundred crew members all sleeping the voyage away in suspended animation.  203 more words

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