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Calgary violinist Angela Ryu reflects on national competition victory

Angela Ryu’s fingers can compete with anybody. It’s her toes that have work to do.

Ryu, a Calgary violinist who just turned 16, found herself at a gala event in Edmonton in the middle of August, where her footwork fell short even as her musicality shone brilliantly. 610 more words


Ποιά μεγάλη κινηματογραφική (και όχι μόνο) ντίβα θέλει να γίνει η μητέρα της Jennifer Lawrence και της Amy Schumer στο νέο τους πρότζεκτ;

Σχεδόν δεν πρόλαβαν καλά-καλά η Jennifer Lawrence και η Amy Schumer να μας αποκαλύψουν πως γράφουν μαζί ένα σενάριο κωμωδίας, όπου υποδύονται δύο αδελφές, και βρήκαν κιόλας την κινηματογραφική τους μαμά, η οποία είναι τεράστιο όνομα, και μάλιστα αυτοπροτάθηκε! 31 more words


America's Funny Girl

Jennifer Lawrence

JLaw is a funny girl with a knack for serious dramatic acting. I’m so excited that she’s stepping outside of her usual box and into the world of comedy. 193 more words

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Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer will play sisters in movie they are writing

Read Carol’s article bout the great fun of a new movie starring and written by a new comedy team

After delighting the world with pictures of them riding a jet ski together, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are turning their newfound friendship into a professional partnership.

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Bette Midler Wants to Play J-Law, Amy Schumer's Mom

Even Bette Midler wants to be BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer! The 69-year-old diva recently took to Twitter to hint that she’d like to be considered for a part in the movie that the pair are working on. 132 more words


Masterpiece Gif Theater Presents: An Ode to Grabbing Lunch at Chipotle

Ahh Chipotle, everyones favorite mass producers of $10 burritos. Where would our society be with out your guac filled bundles of joy? Probably a few million pounds lighter, but hey who’s counting. 134 more words


Dior Addict Lipstick Collection 2015: First Look! 

Introducing the NEW Dior Addict Lipstick, a complete collection of 44 trend-setting shades that provide long-lasting, sensational colour and dazzling shine.

Exclusive Gel Core Formula 249 more words