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Feature on Manifest-Station

I am so incredibly honoured to have had my “Dear Jerk” letter posted on The Manifest-Station and I am beyond blown away by the overwhelming response. 19 more words

Weekly Inspiration #18

I realised at the beginning of this week that somehow, I had forgotten to have fun. My work is so engaging, enjoyable and fulfilling (working with children (heart), writing (mind) and yoga (spirit) ) that I fell into the trap of thinking that work was the same as fun. 1,348 more words

Best Of

And then I made a choice...

“We are all busy.  Everybody’s life is full.”

Talk about a great opening line to grab a reader’s attention.  This morning, during my somewhat-daily blog tour, I clicked the link in my inbox to read the most recent posting on… 609 more words

Let your joy be contagious...

“Let your joy be contagious. Let it spread through your home, your job, your children. Let it spread through the world like a virus, so that when you forget it you’ll catch it from someone else. 16 more words

Jump For Joy Photo Project

Weekend Inspiration #13

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years – if plans change, if something doesn’t turn out like you expected – good. Expect the unexpected and learn to roll with it. 1,818 more words


Weekend Inspiration #8

Hey, happy weekend everyone :)

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy that it’s the weekend because it means that this week is finally over, and hopefully I won’t have to revisit any of its frustration, anger and difficult communication…yep, it’s just been one of those weeks and I’m glad to see the back of it. 754 more words

Best Of