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A Different Narrative

I am overcome.

Your notes, your texts, your calls, your stories. There are so many. So very many. For five days and nights now, I have been enveloped in love and light. 473 more words

Me Myself And I

Who are YOU?

Hello my lovely followers.

Can I ask you a question? What defines YOU?

Today I wish to bring you some encouragement as I’ve been seeking it myself lately after being in a bit of a slump since last time I wrote. 1,568 more words


Fireflies, Memories, Ugly Crying and a Bit of Yoga

I’ve been a total slacker with my blog. Life can be a real punk sometimes. 

I had the mammogram and ultrasound but no biopsy. I met with the surgeon and she reviewed everything. 895 more words

Breast Cancer

Feature on Manifest-Station

I am so incredibly honoured to have had my “Dear Jerk” letter posted on The Manifest-Station and I am beyond blown away by the overwhelming response. 19 more words

Weekly Inspiration #18

I realised at the beginning of this week that somehow, I had forgotten to have fun. My work is so engaging, enjoyable and fulfilling (working with children (heart), writing (mind) and yoga (spirit) ) that I fell into the trap of thinking that work was the same as fun. 1,348 more words

Best Of

And then I made a choice...

“We are all busy.  Everybody’s life is full.”

Talk about a great opening line to grab a reader’s attention.  This morning, during my somewhat-daily blog tour, I clicked the link in my inbox to read the most recent posting on… 609 more words