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Keepin It Movin! Makin Weight Loss Wishes

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‘Keep On Movin’

Well friends, it’s that time. Time to focus on shedding pounds again. 1,086 more words

What do you think I want for my birthday?

It happens every year. Before my birthday, I know a dozens gifts I can use, but as the time to celebrate grows closer, I can’t think of one thing that I actually want. 525 more words

Monday Blog

Irish Turkey Dublin Coddle

In the mood for Irish food?

Here’s my healthier take on the Irish pub favorite, Dublin Coddle. It’s definitely different than your typical American fare. The flavors are very Irish—think bacon, sausage, and thyme. 516 more words

Weight Loss

How to Cook Fresh Meals Even a Husband Can Make

My husband has a plan to retire in four years. The first step of that is to learn how to cook, so he can prepare meals while I’m still working. 425 more words

Monday Blog

If Only - I Were Thin

The ‘if only’s’ – the little things that we use to excuse ourselves from accepting who we are, and where we are at. Hmm…

Myth One: If only I were thin, I’d be happy and shiny and ‘out there’. 1,404 more words

The Month of January

Posted by Colleen

I like to think of January as a motivational month it’s the start of a new year, a clean slate, new beginnings or maybe needing to end something. 131 more words

Kim Kardashian Is The New Spokesperson For Atkins Diet

Oprah is trying to get you to lose weight with Weight Watchers and now Kim K. is trying to get you to drop pounds with Atkins! 136 more words