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Commercial diets do help people lose weight, study finds

Commercial diets, such as Weight Watchers, do help people lose weight in the short-term, a study found, although more research is needed to see whether the diets aid in bringing long-term, sustainable change in people’s eating and exercise habits. 217 more words


Begin Again

I haven’t written about this yet because I wasn’t really sure I wanted to include it in here, but here goes nothing. Besides, it’s my blog so I make the rules, right?! 495 more words

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig Rated Most Effective Diets

A new Johns Hopkins study shows that Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, two dieting programs that have been around for decades, are far more effective than their newfangled foes. 81 more words


Want to lose weight? U.S. scientists say these diet plans get top marks

There are the diets that make you count your points, eat according to strict meal plans or force you to cut out entire food groups. While they all promise you’ll lose weight, new research suggests some commercial diet plans garner better results than others. 551 more words


Study: Which Commercial Diet Programs Are The Most Effective?

The world of commercial diet programs can be overwhelming, with this, that and the other company all flashing before-and-after photos and promising their regimens are the best. 308 more words

Study: Which Diets Actually Work?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ever wondered which diets truly work?

New research from Johns Hopkins sheds some light.

Researchers say they looked at 11 programs to compare weight loss, adherence and possible harm. 52 more words


Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig Get Best Marks in Diet Review

CHICAGO — Trying to slim down? Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig scored the best marks for effectiveness in a review of research on commercial diet programs, but many other plans just haven’t been studied enough to evaluate long-term results. 476 more words