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What's Cookin'?

About 10 years ago, I found myself at my heaviest weight at about 20 years old. I was technically considered obese, and I couldn’t believe my weight had gone so far. 388 more words

College Cooking

It's ok to not be able to do it alone

Last week as I mentioned I really hit rock bottom in my frustration of not losing weight.  I feel like I tried something new every week and my thoughts were so absorbed with food and what I needed to do to lose weight that I actually no longer trusted myself to even make the right call when it came to food and as a result I was actually gaining weight.   787 more words

My brain is exhausting me!

Does anyone else feel like their brain is their biggest enemy instead of their biggest supporter?  I am so tired of overthinking and analysing everything that I am doing, and as a result just gaining more weight and then overthinking more and more – it’s such a vicious cycle! 833 more words

Friday Five: 5 ways to make calorie counting slightly easier

Howdy there, friends and neighborinos! If you’re counting your calories every day, perhaps you occasionally (like EVERY DAY) look for ideas to make the whole process a little easier. 544 more words

My Weightloss Journey

I have never been skinny. I have always been “thick” and growing up with thin cousins, this was not always fun. I was always criticized about my weight. 561 more words

Day 3 - Dinner drawing

Day 3: I love the journey I took on. Drawing every day everyday. Great way to record my days, and work on my personal style.


New Scale...

…seems to be working and pretty accurate! I wanted to double check, so I weighed myself on my older Jenny Craig scale on Tuesday morning and it said 183.2, which is just about the same as my new Weight Guru’s scale that said 183.6 on Monday morning. 95 more words

Weekly Weigh-Ins