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Today in Food History

Also, on this day in 1841 Cornstarch method patented. Englishman Orlando Jones patented a method for making cornstarch in 1841.

In 1932 Sidney Craig was born (died July 21, 2008). 15 more words

Today In Food History

Which Fad Diets Actually Work?

There are so many fad diets out there that all vary significantly. Atkins wants you to eat a protein-rich diet, while the raw food diet focuses on eating mainly raw fruits and vegetables.  64 more words


Flyers Progress from Passengers to Freight

More foreigners are complaining about discrimination and Donald Trump hasn’t even taken the oath of office. This time it’s Samoans, which I always thought were New Zealand’s problem, but evidently are ours. 744 more words

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Healthy Meal Plans With Jenny Craig

So I’ve heard amazing things about Jenny Craig. Have any of you tried it? I personally started off doing cleanses and on my own healthy eating programs at home but can never seem to last more than a month straight. 63 more words


You Don’t Have To Gain Weight Over The Holidays By Tony DeFrancisco

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Tony DeFrancisco

FirstFitness Nutrition, Supervisor

Did you know the average person gains 7 – 15 pounds during the holidays? 115 more words

Why Diets Don't Work; How to really lose as much as 30 lbs in 30 days and over 100 lbs in a year and keep it off forever. By Tony DeFrancisco.

Tony DeFrancisco

FirstFitness Nutrition, Supervisor

Dieting has become almost a national pastime. Talk to anyone at any given time and they will tell you they are on or going on a diet. 1,573 more words