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Jenny Craig Day 1

Today I made a huge decision, after years of constant weight gain I decided I needed a change. I walked into my local Jenny Craig centre here in Edmonton filled with self doubt and nerves. 221 more words


Weighing On My Mind (& my knees)

Weight is a topic I usually don’t like to talk about so openly, but today I hit a milestone and have decided I’d like to share my experience with you all – if you’re interested? 1,331 more words

General Ranting

The Biggest Gainers (Former the Biggest Losers)

I read the above article today on Market Watch.com but it first appeared in the New York Post. I can’t say that I’m shocked at any of the claims from the former contestants of… 628 more words

Do you want to be happy, lose weight, and have a better memory?

I started an exercise program a few months ago. I’d tried to make exercise a habit many other times in my life, but I always ended up making excuses and falling back into a sedentary lifestyle. 701 more words

Monday Blog

Mommy approved: Netflix

Before anyone even gets started, I want to say that yes, I limit screen time.

Well, I try.

Hell, some days I let the TV babysit. 409 more words

Mommy Approved

Keepin It Movin! Makin Weight Loss Wishes

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SOUL II SOUL ‘Keep On Movin’

Well friends, it’s that time. Time to focus on shedding pounds again. 1,079 more words

What do you think I want for my birthday?

It happens every year. Before my birthday, I know a dozens gifts I can use, but as the time to celebrate grows closer, I can’t think of one thing that I actually want. 525 more words

Monday Blog