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Delphi Technique in ACTION - SUU hosting the State School Board joint education conference for the state office of education and legislators

My friend Christel contacted me the other day to let me know that a big conference was happening this week in Cedar City and the keynote speaker was one of the top ten most revolting people in Federal Education. 2,613 more words

Jenny Hatch

Trump the Traitor... to his class? Weekly Standard 

This story in The Weekly Standard explores the question of being a class traitor…


“Nothing is more terrifying to the business and donor class—as well as the media and the entire elite—than Trump’s embrace of a tangible American nationalism.

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The Hill: Polsters dumbfounded by Trump Bwa ha ha heh...

So funny. I really cannot put into words how wonderful these past few weeks have been for me. I have been a political junkie and activist for my whole adult life and it really doesn’t get much better than this. 98 more words

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Obama Fail Memes

For me, the most exciting part about the Presidential Primary race is knowing that the long, painful death march Obama termed Hope and Change is almost behind us. 173 more words

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Speak it Michelle Malkin! #StopCommonCore

Michelle Malkin speaks up about the Evil of Common Core and Jeb Bushs connection to it: http://t.co/AgQKoMGCd2 @JennyHatch #StopCommonCore

— Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) August 17, 2015…

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"Justice or Else" Million Man March on Washington on October 10th, 2015 #BlackLivesMatter

I support my Nation of Islam Brothers in their mission to stop the genocide against little boy babies with Vaccines.

Everyone needs to understand that all of these calls for the arrest of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan are simply because of his willingness to stand up for the truth and demand that the #CDCWhistleblower be called to testify before Congress. 62 more words

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