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Live Blogging Womens Conference

Here is the link to the live feed on You Tube!

Tonight Shelly and I are watching the Womens Session of General Conference on BYU TV. 36 more words

Current Events

So excited to watch the presidential debate on Monday!

We have been invited to a debate party at my friend Deltas house. It should be a kick to watch!

Jenny Hatch

Jenny Hatch

Day #4 - The "stonetear" Investigation - Chairman Jason Chaffetz Sends Preservation Notice To Reddit...

Day #1Katica discovers Paul Combetta has on-line alias “stonetear” and full backstory.
Day #2 – Paul Combetta scrubs his user information, and deletes his July 24th 2014 posting history. 967 more words

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Another excellent summary from Sundance! I will use this post to share any additional content that shows up on the internet today, just like I did yesterday. The Hill Reddit Total Frat Forum Law Newz Daily Caller Townhall ars technica The Daily Dot Cspan VIDEO (Pagliano no show, #Stonetear mentioned during session) Charisma  Michelles Mirror

BREAKING: Rep. Lamar Smith Demands Interview With "Stonetear" aka Paul Combetta (pdf below)...

Hillary Clinton’s IT technician Paul Combetta has been confirmed by all reasonable inquiry to be online user “stonetear” as originally discovered by Katica… 594 more words

Media Bias

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UPDATE - More HERE [youtube=https://youtu.be/QGxukr30S58] [youtube=http://youtu.be/UMcIayuNjks] News sites talking about this today: Thompson Timeline (This was the most comprehensive report!) Canada Free Press Fox New York Post Regated Fortune The Hill Washington Post Vice Breitbart Katica - This is the Twitter feed of the sleuth who broke the story, who trumped dozens of FBI agents with her skills.   https://twitter.com/JennyHatch/status/778748842485305344 Thanks for stopping by! The original post at the Treehouse is below. Jenny Hatch

Fort Collins Temple Tour

On August 1st Paul, Shelly, Ben, and I toured the Fort Collins Temple!

Here are a few photos from my iphone (the rest of the photos and a few video clips are hosted on… 14 more words

Jenny Hatch

Trump Shatters All Prior GOP Fundraising Records - 2.1 Million Small Donations in 90 Days...

The supporters of Candidate Donald Trump have crushed all historic fundraising records for small (under $200/per) “grass roots” donations.  Over 2.1 million individual small donations in 3 months. 283 more words

Media Bias

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Do you HEAR the PEOPLE Sing?