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Where do you draw the line? On vaccination and freedom of speech

I was skimming my Facebook feed this afternoon, and I had to take a second glance at one of the articles when my brain eventually caught up with what was on the screen. 767 more words


Jenny McCarthy Posters?! I 'member! I 'member!

Jenny McCarthy was undoubtedly one of the more popular sex symbols of the mid-90s. From being Playmate of the Year (when being in Playboy was still something cool) to gracing our TVs on MTV’s “Singled Out”, she was inspirational for many young men who were going through their own personal discovery of manliness. 193 more words

Car JoeMez

Kelly Clarkson kicks off Jenny McCarthy's new Inner Circle series talking about parenting & singing

Kelly Clarkson loves her transformation from Miss Independent to mom of two. Pregnancy? Not so much.

“If something happens, it’s a miracle of God,” she joked, telling… 568 more words


Why Olivia Newton-John turned down a part in 'Grease Live!'

Watching Olivia Newton-John star in Grease inspired Jenny McCarthy to move to Hollywood — so she had to ask what the O.G. Sandy thought of Fox’s live musical and Julianne Hough’s performance. 142 more words


The Trump Foundation Donated To Jenny McCarthy's Anti-Vaccination Charity

The Trump Foundation’s actions are both shadowy and shady while existing to create the appearance of philanthropy. Trump hasn’t donated his own money to the foundation for years. 436 more words


Younger's Debi Mazar: My daughter vomited on Madonna!

Madonna: queen of pop, unapologetic b***h and down-to-earth mom.

Actress Debi Mazar, who plays Maggie in TV Land’s Younger, was working at nightclub Danceteria when she first met the Material Girl.  270 more words


Brangelina divorce: SiriusXM hosts react to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's breakup

Hollywood’s been hit with a Brang-pocalypse.

The Internet went wild Tuesday after TMZ broke the news that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. 364 more words