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Vaccinate Your Children.

Do it.

“But I’m just not comfortable with all those chemicals being injected into my baby’s tiny body in a single syringe!”

Vaccinate your children. 381 more words


My Rights > Your Rights...Right?

A year or so ago, the hubs and I were kicking off our Saturday errand running at the bank. For some reason, we had to go in and the line was a bit slow. 983 more words

Raise Your Hand if You Take Medical Advice From a Playboy Bunny

This accusation is everywhere, isn’t it?  Respectable doctors say it on live TV, trying to sound like they have sympathy for those of us who just weren’t smart enough to avoid being duped by a pretty young thing with big boobs.  802 more words

Jenny McCarthy's Life Laughs

I had previously read Jenny McCarthy’s book, Stirring the Pot and wanted to read another one of her books. So I chose this one called… 151 more words


It's who you know, not necessarily what you know.

Maybe I should rephrase that, it’s who you trust to know. In our infinitely-accessible information age, anyone can get information. The question is, who is the source of that info? 175 more words

Random Thoughts

Don't Blame Jenny Blame Al....

Moms are getting a bad rap these days…

Everyone seems to be talking about how stupid some moms can be…

Everyone is just pointing and laughing at these moms that aren’t vaccinating their kids…. 1,267 more words