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[KR] 강가네 멧돌 빈대떡 Ganggane Metdol Bindaedduk @ 한남동 Handam-dong

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강가네 멧돌 빈대떡 Ganggane Metdol Bindaedduk specializes in 전 Jeon and 막걸리 Makgulli. Their specialties are not widely known drinking items, however, they know how to do this well! 31 more words

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There’s a Korean in my backyard

I have a hair trigger reflex when it comes to adding new destinations to my travel bucket list. It’s as if the travel monster necessitates regular feeding although it’s hunger will never be satiated and of course, in a desire to please, I myself am all too eager to feed it. 700 more words


Drinking on a Mountain

A little over a month into being in Korea, my friends and I decided to climb a mountain (and by climb, we mean climb to the cable car, ride it up, then hike the rest of the way to the top). 340 more words


Shrimp Jeon

Ne plac rețetele coreene rapide și delicioase, la fel de mult cum ne place Jeon! 334 more words


7.338 Haemul Pa Jeon


8 (Thu) December 2016

Haemul Pa Jeon


at Kaya

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with W and the Boyz, K staff… 108 more words


I don’t know a thing about Korean cuisine let alone cooking it. But I wanted to try after watching a variety of Korean cooking shows like… 321 more words