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Lunch 3/19/2015

One of my lunches from last week! I don’t know why I felt so proud of myself for packing this lunch esp. since none of the contents were made by me from scratch or anything (Trader Joe’s… 51 more words


Korean seafood jeon (pancakes) - 해물전

If you think pancake is only for breakfast, think again!

전 (jeon), which translates to pancake, is one of Korean’s staple cuisine! It’s categorized under “반찬” (banchan) aka side dishes! 501 more words


KU KLC PR Ambassadors Meeting

Every month, we, the KU KLC PR Ambassdors have a meeting

매달 저희 고려대학교 한국어센터 홍보 도우미들은 회의를 해요.

During our meeting, we plan the what we should write on the blog, video filming, trips, language exchange cafe etc. 118 more words

PR Ambassadors

Taste of Korea Tuesdays: discovering Food Alley at Gwangjang market

Kimchijeon sizzling in hot oil. Savoury, steaming dumplings. Bowls of flavourful kimchi. The wonderful scent of sesame oil brushed across freshly-prepared gimbap.

A few weekends ago I visited Gwangjang market on the hunt for Halloween costume supplies. 288 more words


Korean Pancakes

Me and my Dad made this a long while ago but I have had so many other things to write about recently that I am only just getting round to writing about it! 348 more words


So Kong Dong Tofu House: What Sundubu Jjigae Is, and Why You Need To Try It

So Kong Dong…is not a first date location. It is a great splurge-for-dinner-with-friends sit-down meal kind of location, but I wouldn’t even call it a splurge, because if three people come relatively starving and order two combo meals, they will all leave very full and satisfied, for about $13 each. 707 more words

Atlanta Chapter


 I have been trying to add some new Korean dishes to my repertoire (like the Gamjorim from my previous post) but some days it’s just quicker and easier to make up a lunch from the stashes in my freezer. 56 more words