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If you’ve been following me, you know I’ve written a few rather disgusting posts for the A to Z blog challenge. You might be afraid this one is too, given the title, but I assure you it’s not. 667 more words

A To Z Challenge

Random Trivia

Random Trivia

  1. A Spider typically has 8 legs and 8 what? Eyes
  2. What kind of leaf Is dedicated on the Canadian Flag? Maple Leaf
  3. The term “back market” was first used during which war World War…
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Learning Log - Week 26

W26: They’ve taken over the classroom, Ma!!!

Second week of performances – second week that you’ve been wonderful – exciting – creative – challenging – dynamic… 60 more words


Trendasaurus Found His Unborn Cousins, Eating With The Hungry Might Be In Jeopardy, And Popular Emojis Based On Location

We are running out of water and the Priceline Negotiator wants to help. William Shatner plans to kick off a 30 billion dollar Kickstarter campaign to fix the California drought. 637 more words


Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Are You Smarter Then A 5th Grader?

  1. 1st grade math: True or false? It is possible to divide a square into 2 triangles? True
  2. 2nd grade World Geography: Other than south America, North America is closer in distance to which other continent?
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What Does It Stand For?

What does it stand for?

  1. The Deadly virus AIDS? Acquired immune defeciancy syndrome
  2. The television network cbs? Columbia broadcasting system
  3. The computer term HTML? Hyper Text Markup Language…
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from The Women You Take From Your Brother (August 2014)



I am pushing a bike uphill, my brother
is pushing
a wheeled
horse- 153 more words