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Which 2016 GOP candidate trumps the others in Jeopardy mentions?

Eric Ostermeier of Smart Politics posted a fun analysis Thursday of the Jeopardy footprint of the 2016 Republican presidential field. Not surprisingly, Donald Trump wins by a landslide with 59 mentions (29 as a clue and 30 as an answer). 215 more words


Hunt and Peck (February 15, 2011)

When I think about it, there’s really no good excuse for my condition. I went through primary school in the 1980s, when American culture exploded in its contemplation of the personal computer’s applications. 646 more words

Contemplating My Navel (Personal Blog)

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Random Trivia

Random Trivia

  1. How many lords are leaping in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas?” 10
  2. What musician is known as the Motor City Madman? …
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Madden Covers

Madden Covers


  1. Drew Brees
  2. John Madden
  3. Dante Cullpepper
  4. Donovan McNabb
  5. Eddie George
  6. Shaun Alexander
  7. Calvin Johnon
  8. Ray Lewis
  9. Peyton Hillis
  10. Barry Sander

TIE BREAKER: How many passing yards did Donovan McNabb have in 2005? 2507



2015 Emmy Nominations

 Emmy Nominations

  1. The FX Show “Louie” was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. What comedian is the lead? Louis CK
  2. Liev Schreiber was nominated for Lead Actor in a Drama.
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