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What's in a house?

And just like that, with the stroke of a pen, the push of a button, the top of the hour, our house was no longer ours. 614 more words

I'll tell you why I love where I live

One of my (many)shameful guilty pleasures is listening to Macca on a Sunday morning. I like to think that I listen to it ironically because I’m not really into jingoistic patriotism and all things ‘Orstrayan’. 917 more words

Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell.

I’m part of gang.  In fact, I’m probably the leader.  But don’t tell Aly that – I think she thinks she is.  Or Sam.  He’s pretty sure that he rules the roost around here.   880 more words

The wide open road.

I love road trips.  Which is probably a good thing given that my dearest people live some 442 kilometres away and other people who I like a fair bit also live several hundred kilometres away.   822 more words