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An open letter to Richard Stubbs

Dear Mr Stubbs,

We’ve never met, but I’m pretty sure we’re best friends. We have so much in common it couldn’t be any other way. We’re both the children of nurses, both funny (you, legitimately so, me – to the audience in my mind) and both cheer for the red and white. 353 more words

YOU’RE IN THE ARMY NOW, part 13. Working down on the docks me hearties, and The long and winding road.

We were versatile, the old saying came to the fore with whatever job they handed to you, ‘It’s a piece of piss to a trained Digger.’ Translated for my overseas readers who may be cringing as we speak, ‘It’s a piece of cake for a soldier.’ As you may well realise we were handed the lot and don’t get me wrong, it was all about new experiences. 2,488 more words

Weekend away - with photos

I spent the weekend with friends in the north of the state, in the very dry Wimmera region, not far from Dimboola.

I was probably only away about 28 hours, but even after that short a time I felt rested and refreshed. 249 more words