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Suspicious Minds

My dog. You know, I decided to bless her with all the scraps from brunch this morning. I’ve known her all her life, what she loves, hates, craves… And still, she’ll sniff at each scrap as if it’s toxic waste before letting it touch her lips. 153 more words


A Pre-Programmed Note

As you may know, Amanda and I are in El Salvador right now.  While here, we do not have internet access.  Fortunately for those keeping up with your readings, WordPress has a nifty feature that lets me write a post that will be published at a predetermined time (pro-tip: almost all of the posts that I write are actually written a week ahead of time, which gives me time to think about what I am writing, or at least that’s the idea, and also makes sure that I don’t forget to post if I am busy on a Thursday or something). 272 more words


Chasing dreams and happiness

Work has been stressful lately. Aside from work, my life in general is stressing me out. I have a lot of uncertainties, insecurities, and worries in life. 200 more words

God Is Up To Something - Something Good!

“God is up to something. Something good!”

From Jeremiah 29:11

Opening to Grace

From my spot on our old quilt, I sipped tiny sips of scalding-hot cider and watched the mist lift from the mountains. Before me spread a dense ocean of trees, still green despite the nippy wind and frost on the grass, and there in a valley I could just make out a little white church house and a winding road. 515 more words